Artist: Crucified Barbara
   Title: Til' Death Do Us Party
   Label: GMR Records

In the male dominated world of Heavy Metal very few all female bands have conquered this realm, the likes of Girlschool, McQueen and now Crucified Barbara have all made a name for themselves by giving the men a run for their money, not only on stage but off as well.

'Til' Death Do Us Party' is the long awaited second album from this Swedish quartet and one that delivers a punch like a feather wrapped around a gold bar.

The album is all kicking all screaming Metal from the off with 'Killer On His Knees’ and instantly it's plain that the girls haven’t lost any of their hard edged sound and go out all guns blazing from the opening few chords. This full on Hard Rockin’ continues with ‘Pain & Pleasure’, a song co-written by the band and producer Mats Levin.  This one rocks with more venom than a angry cobra as the band spit out the rock in bucketfuls.

With the throttle stuck in overdrive is full steam ahead with ‘Sex Action’, which shows the girls sleazy rock side this one's straight off Sunset Strip, then it's the darker ‘Creatures’.  Mats Leven does more than write and produce the album, he also shows off his vocals on ‘Jennyfer’, on this full on rock assault.

'Dark Side' sees another guest appearance, this time Motorhead’s Phil Campbell lends his guitar skills on the solo on this one, then it's the fantastic ‘Can’t Handle Love’, a great Hard Rocker that reminds me of the Runaway’s at their best.  The band really haven’t got time for the gentle more refined tones as they continue to attack the senses with the dark ‘Blackened Bones’, even the slower paced ‘Danger Danger’ has a sting in the tail.

The album continues with the driven sleaze of ‘Rats’ before closing in fine style with the thumping ‘Feels Like Death’, which round off a great album from one of the premier female fronted bands on the scene at the minute and one to watch out for when they out on the road, because live they whisk up a virtual hurricane of rock.



1.. Killer On His Knees
2.. Pain & Pleasure
3.. Sex Action
4.. Creatures
5.. Jennyfer
6.. Dark Side
7.. Can't Handle Love
8.. Blackened Bones  
9.. Danger Danger
10. Rats
11. Feels Like Death



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