Artist:  Crylord
   Title: The Blood Of The Prophets
   Label: Lion Music

Like a breath of fresh air to the whole Neo-Classical Metal genre comes Crylord the brainchild of Polish virtuoso guitarist Boguslaq Balcerak with his simply stunning 'Blood Of The Prophets' opus.

The album is brings together that Neo-classical ambience with a more Hard Rock edginess, which is added to by the vocal force behind the album, with not one but three giants of the Rock world, with Carsten “Lizard” Schulz, Mark Boals and Goran Edman all bringing their own unique talents to the fold.

The album kicks off with the intro ‘Ante Bellum Overture’, which right from the very beginning gives you a taste of what Balcerak guitar work brings to the album, both with the neo-classic flurries, but also the hard edge rockier riffs that unify in one masterclass of six-string dexterity.

The first of the vocal tracks features Schulz who works his magic as always on the title track ‘Blood Of The Prophets’, a real stormer with both the hard rock and classical element working together in perfect harmony.

Next to show his vocal prowess is Goran Edman who never fails to deliver, and on ‘Grave of Love’ we are treated real melodic overtures and soaring classical vibes.  The trio of vocalists make their mark early on with Mark Boals bringing the heat on the stunning ‘Bard’s Tale’, with Balcerak unleashing multitude of licks and riffs that will leave you mystified with wonder.

It's back to the hard rocking vocals of Schulz for ‘Warrior Moon’, again hard rock and neo-classical guitar wizardry, or six string alchemy, is the back bone of this one, with Schulz delivering some of the best vocals that remind me of his Domain days.

He keeps the mike for the next song also, ‘Face Of Destiny’ which is more mellower affair, as he is joined by Boals for this melody rich soar-away haunting ballad, before we take a brief interlude in the vocals with the instrumental ‘The Heretic’.  This is where Balcerak is let loose to really bring the whole Neo-Classical thing to a head.  I know when you mention Neo-Classical Rock to many, the instant reaction is six string masturbation, but this album is not like that, there is enough edge and metal to keep you hooked throughout.

It's back to the vocalist for ‘Behind The Walls Of Sadness’, a rampaging rocker that just explodes the myth that Hard Rock and Neo-Classical don’t mix as this one just ROCKS! Enough said!

The album takes another twist with the almost Symphonic Metal tones of ‘Angel Devine’, with Goran Edman showing what a powerhouse vocalist he is.  This is just stunning and ranks as one of my favourite tracks off the album.

The longest track on the album coming in at 8 mins 13 seconds is the triumphant epic ‘Valley Of The Dead’, where again we find Schulz leading the vocal attack on this song.  Then it's ‘When The Time Has Come’, which finds Boals and Edman sharing vocal duties, before this superb album comes to close with the film score metal of  ‘The Healing Hands Of Destruction’, where all three vocalists share vocal duties on yet another superbly epic track.

Like I said at the beginning this album redefines the whole Neo-Classical genre and no longer will those words send shivers down the spines of the non-guitar players of the world.  This is a very listenable album that has enough layers to satisfy any fan of great rock and metal.  Look out world there’s a new six string king in town and he’s here to kick some serious metal ass.  The name of this musical master? Boguslaw Balcerak!


1. Ante Bellum Overture (Intro)
2. Blood Of The Prophets
3. Grave Of Love
4. Bard's Tale
5. Warrior's Moon
6. Face Of Destiny
7. The Heretic
8. Behind The Walls Of Sadness
9. Angel Of Divine
10. Valley Of The Dead
11. When The Time Has Come
12. The Healing Hands Of Destruction



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