Artist:  Crystal Viper
   Title: Defenders Of The Magic Circle - Live In Germany
   Label:  AFM Records

Recorded last year at Manowar's Magic Circle festival, this is Poland's Crystal Viper delivering the goods in the live arena, and is the band's first release for AFM Records with the release of a new studio album later this year.

The album not only covers the band's live set but also contains bonus material never before releases in this format, one new track and one cover version.

The band are led by Poland's Doro Pesch, the Leather Wych (Marta Gabriel), who might be small in stature like Pesch, but also like Pesch can deliver a mighty metal vocal and this is shown in the live portion of the album as she powers through the set, while the rest of the band, Andy Wave on guitar, Tom Woryna on bass and Golem (Tomasz Danczak) on drums, bring the metal in big style.

After the initial intro 'Breaking The Curse', the set gets underway proper with 'Metal Nation', and straight away that similarity to Ms Pesch comes shining through in Gabriel's vocals, a real metal anthem to get things started, a rampaging slice of old school heavy metal.

The metal comes thick and fast with the mighty 'Legions Of Truth', the epic tones of 'The Islands Of The Silver Skill' and 'Shadows On The Horizon', two tracks taken from the bands 2007 debut release 'The Curse Of The Crystal Viper'.

The live set closes with a real rampaging metal assault 'The Last Axeman'.  The bands set was only a short one on the day, but they were impressive, but this isn't the close of the album as the next track gives us a taste of what's to come from the new album with the massive metal anthem 'The Secrets Of The Black Water'.  If this is the quality of the new material then I can't wait for the new album.

'The Wolf And The Witch' is a track that was only previously available on vinyl single last year, this one has a NWOBHM feel about it, another track which was only available as a limited edition CD is the blazing riff spewn 'Stronghold: Under Siege', this is Crystal Viper at their speedy best.

The album closes with a stunning cover version of 'Obsession' (It Burns For You) the Virgin Steele song as Gabriel gives one of her best vocals ever on this one, a real joy to listen to and a track which rounds off this album in great style. 


1. Breaking The Curse
2. Metal Nation
3. Legions Of Truth
4. The Island Of The Silver Skull
5. Shadows On The Horizon
6. The Last Axeman
7. (Surprise Track!)

Bonus studio tracks:
8. The Wolf And The Witch
9. Stronghold: Under Siege
10. Obsession (It Burns You)



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