Artist:  Crystal Viper
   Title: Legends
   Label: AFM Records

Mid 2010, June to be exact, saw Polish heavy metallers Crystal Viper release their first live album, entitled “Defenders Of The Magic Circle – Live In Germany', but that was then and this is now and the band have a new album out simply called ‘Legends’.  The album tells of Polish sagas of the Middle-Ages.  The band have produced an album that will dispel the myths that the Polish metal scene can't stand equal that of its German and Scandinavian counterparts.

'Legends' is true blue old school heavy metal.  Titanic riffs, a blistering rhythm section  and of course, the force behind any metal band, a vocalist that can deliver 4 octave metal and in Marta Gabriel they have more than a vocalist, they have a statement of power.

The album opens with the intro ‘Truth’ before unleashing its metal might with ‘The Ghost Ship’.  A blazing mix of metal guitars and thunderous bass and drums before Gabriel unleashes a true metal vocal that has the Doro feel about it.

The full on Heavy Metal continues with the rip snorting almost Battle Hymn rampage of ‘Blood Of The Heroes’, where the band attack from all corners, east and west a barrage of drums and bass lines on one side and a riff laden guitar attack from the other, while Gabriel takes on a full frontal attack..

The metal story telling continues with the old school almost Maidenesque (Powerslave era) ‘Greed Is Blind’ before it’s a quick chance in tempo and style as the band show their mellower side with the excellent ballad ‘Sydonia Bork’.  This one shows a completely different side of the band and also give more credence to Gabriel’s vocal prowess.  Anyone can belt out a metal vocal but a truly great vocalist has to have many levels and this is where Gabriel lays down a real gem singing in her native tongue and English.

It's pedal to the METAL \m/ once more with the epic Folk Metal feeling ‘Goddess of Death’, the all-out blistering assault that is ‘Night Of The Sin’ and my personal favourite the superb ‘Secret Of Darkwater’, a real metalheads delight.  This one will have you raising the horns in salute to the metal for sure.

It's full steam ahead with the rifftastic ‘A Man Of Stone’ and the dark 'Black Leviathan', again bringing in that Maidenesque guitar sound, it could almost be Dave, Adrian and Janick bringing this one to life.

The album closes with a real ball buster of a cover, as Accepts 'TV War' is given a Crystal Viper makeover.  A rampaging metal opus to wrap up an album that can only be described as TRUE METAL.  On the strength of this album Crystal Viper won't be Poland’s best kept secret for long.


1. The Truth
2. The Ghost Ship
3. Blood Of The Heroes
4. Greed Is Blind
5. Sydonia Bork
6. Goddess Of Death
7. Night Of Sin
8. Secret Of The Black Water
9. A Man Of Stone
10. Black Leviathan
11. TV War (ACCEPT Cover) 



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