Artist: Stoney Curtis Band
   Title: Acid Blues experience
   Label: Provogue Records

The Stoney Curtis Band may not be a name you recognize, but after listening to this album I'm sure the name won't be a stranger for too long.  This heavy mix of blues and rock will melt even the hardest of hearts.

'The Acid Blues Experience' is a very apt title for this album.  Just put this CD on your player, turn down the lights, and just let the music take you on a trip you wish won't end.

Curtis plays the Stratocaster like it's an extension of himself, feeling every note and riff.  While Colby Smith on bass and Charles Glover II on drums complement him perfectly.  If ever there were three musicians who sounded so right together then these guys hold the crown.  The passion for the music they create is shown in abundance throughout and you can't help be carried along by the feel good vibes they send out.

From the opener 'Last Train Chicago' you can feel yourself drifting away into Curtisland, to the rockier 'Bullet', and on to the final track 'World Without You', the album just oozes style.



Last train to Chicago
2. Evil Woman
3. Bullets
4. Mulholland Shuffle
5. Crashin' down like Thunder
6. (Take Off) Around the World
7. Colors
8. Free
9. Soul Love
10. Like a Man
11. Baby needs Lovin
12. World without You



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