Artist:  Julian Angel's Beautiful Beast
   Title: Kick Down The Barricades
   Label: Platinum Blonde

'Kick Down The Barricades' is the third album from Julian Angel and his Beautiful Beast and once again Angel does as HG Wells and builds a time machine and returns to the 80’s, bringing back an album full of Hair Metal, so much so you can almost taste the Sunset Strip.

Like the bands previous two releases ‘Adult Orientated Candy' and 'Californian Sun Tan', they have refused to bow down to the man and deliver good time rock n' roll as it WAS and SHOULD BE.  Big rhythms, bigger choruses and more licks than a ice cream store in Summer.

The album gets underway in fine 80’s style with ‘Bad Boys Never Dance’, a track that mixes the raw guitar sound of Dokken with the tongue and cheek choruses of Kiss.  A real old school rocker you can dance along to.

The big licks of the aptly entitled ‘Big Stuff’ has that funk o' metal feel of King Of The Hill, featuring another big chorus and a massive guitar riff throughout that really drives this one.  These are continued with the rocking ‘Can’t Stand The Fiction’, before the groove filled ‘Shock ‘Em Dead’ really brings the heat in big style.

All the best albums of the 80’s had at least one power ballad and keeping with that tradition this album has a corker in ‘The Night Cries For You’.  This one will have the lighters in the air for sure, then it's back to the riff laden rock with the excellent ‘Unsexy’, an 'Unskinny Bop' for the new generation.

The title track ‘Kicking Down The Barricades’ is a real meat and bones rocker that delvers on more levels than the postman at the Empire State building.  Get your dancing shoes on for this one.

‘Shake Me Back Home’ has that Southern Blues vibe about it, before the raw intensity of ‘Shake Me Back Home’ and the soaring licks of ‘High On Love’.  The album closes with a little 'Uncle Toms Cabin' vibe of ‘Six In The Red’, which wraps up another unashamedly cool slice of old school rock and I JUST LOVE IT!  So get out your cowboys boots and skinny jeans out and back comb your hair, because the spirit of the 80’s refuses to die and I for one hope it never does.

Review by: Barry McMinn


1. Bad Boys Never Dance 
2. Big Stuff
3. Can't Stand The Fiction
4. Shock 'Em Dead
5. The Night Cries For You
6. Unsexy
7. Kick Down The Barricades
8. Shake Me Back Home
9. High On Love
10. Six In The Red



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