Artist: Michael Bormann
   Title: Different
   Label: AOR HEAVEN

With all the gloom and doom in the news these days I feel privileged to be able to immerse myself in music, because no matter how much the world tries its damndest to bring you down, just stick on a CD and let the worries of the world pass you by.

So that’s what exactly I did with the new Michael Bormann album 'Different' and you better believe me, those everyday blues just melted away from the very onset of this new album.

Bormann has been at this game for over 20 years and he knows what the people want, whether he’s behind the desk as a producer or in front of it as a singer and songwriter.

This new album is Bormann at his very best, the twelve tracks on the album take on board so many different aspects that make the whole Melodic and Hard Rock what we love about it, from great ballads to all out rockers this album has it all.

From the opener ‘Life Is A Miracle’ the quality shines through, this highlights what a talent Bormann is not only as a vocalist but as a multi talented musician, as he plays all instruments on the album with a little help from Jaded Heart keyboardist Chris Ivo, with the mighty Eric Ragno also providing keyboard parts and Lanvall adding some extra guitar to proceedings.

The album mixes things up big style as things continue with ‘To The Top’.  This is the style I expected from the latest Bon Jovi album but instead they went with something rather blasé, unlike Bormann who simply gives the AOR and Melodic Rock crowd something very modern and ballsy with this mid tempoed rocker, which has to be one of my favourite tracks off this superb album.

One thing that has always been a given about Bormann’s vocals is the fact that he can rock it up when needed, but also in the same breath can bring it down and put together some stirring ballads.  One of the latter is the excellent ‘Think Twice’.  This one doesn't just pull at the heart strings, it rips them right out of your chest.  Great stuff!

It's a change of pace with the semi-acoustic tones of ‘Somebody’.  This one has that unplugged feel about it and would be great to hear with a big orchestral string section in the background, just to give a bigger feel.

Things get a little funky with ‘Mr Rock n' Roll’, this one as great Latin American or Cuban samba feel to it, one to swing your hips too. Then it’s back to the traditional Melodic and Hard Rock feel with the superb ‘My Favourite Time’ and thumping rocker ‘Breathless’, the latter really showing Bormann’s true rock vocalist credentials.

Although the term Power Ballad isn’t used as much these days there are still some artist’s out there that can really do a mean Power Ballad, and Bormann has a couple in the form of the sublime ‘Don’t Tell Me’ and the melting ‘Wouldn’t Let You Down’.  Two great tracks on which Bormann really shines vocally.

Anyone who know me knows I’m not one to grow old gracefully, I’m still living it likes it 1999 as Prince would say, so the next song ‘Who Really Wants To Get Older’ really should be my signature tune as the line says ... “I just want to be forever young”...

It’s back to the mellower tones with ‘No Way Out – It Hurts’,  a powerful mid tempo rocker which is followed by the album closer ‘Was Mir Fehlt’, a track which Bormann sings in his native German and rounds off a great album that showcases perfectly why Bormann is one of our favourite vocalists ... and "vive la differënce"!


1. Life Is A Miracle
2. To The Top
3. Think Twice
4. Somebody
5. Mr Rock N' Roll
6. My Favourite Time
7. Breathless
8. Don't Tell Me
9. Wouldn't Let You Down
10. Who Really Wants To Get Older
11. No Way Out - It Hurts
12. Was Mir Feht



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