Artist: Robin Beck 
   Title: The Great Escape
   Label: Her Majesty's Music Room / FastBall Music

In the world of Melodic and Hard Rock the female form is few and far between with this genre being covered by some 95% male artists, it's hard for female artists to make their mark but when they do they really DO.  One such female artist that has stood up against the best the male artists in the genre and left her mark is Robin Beck, who hit the ground running with her debut 'Trouble Or Nothin’' and more recently with the excellent 'Livin’ On A Dream'.  But this latest album of hers even surpasses those two tremendous albums.  I thought 'Livin’ On A Dream' was Robin's finest album to date but this new opus goes one step further.  Once again Robin is aided and abetted by husband James Christian, who along with Tommy (I’ll play for the love of it) Denander, have along with Beck, produced one of the finest female rock album of recent years.

This is Beck at her very best as her vocals dominate the album with more power and grace than ever before, resulting in a what is bound to be a modern day classic for the genre.

The album has so many fine tunes on it but if I had to pick out a few of my personal favourites, and reviewing this album has been a labour of love because there are so many highlights, that I had to go back to the album time and time again.  So my picks would be the excellent ‘Everything Is Alright’, on which Beck delivers a near perfect blend of power and grace vocally.  The hard edged guitar infused title track ‘The Great Escape’, the great melody rich ‘Cross My Heart’ and my personal favourite and album opener ‘The One’, but these are just a few of my own guilty pleasures from an album that has so much more to give and keeps on giving listen after listen. This pure unadulterated ear-candy, there are no other words for it.


1. The One
2. Got Me Feelin Sexy
3. Inside Of Me
4. That All Depends
5. Baby I'm Not A Bitch
6. Everything Is Alright
7. The Great Escape
8. Don't Think He's Ever Coming Home
9. Cross My Heart
10. All The Rivers
11. Till The End Of Time



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