Artist: Robin Brock  
   Title: Monsters
   Label:  Independent Release

Hailed as a mix between the Wilson sisters and Pat Benatar, Canadian songstress Robin Brock is once more pulling no punches with her third album entitled 'Monsters'.

'Monsters' is again a mix of traditional hard rock with modern vibes running through it, with Brock’s angst filled vocals being the centre point.

The album opens up with the title track and instantly you feel that modern edginess to the album as the tuned out guitar sound acts as the foundation to Brock’s vocals, which are full of the female angst that only comes from Brock.

I said this was a mix of the traditional and the modern and the next track ‘New Addiction’ is a prime example of the latter, a great up tempo rocker with a modern almost electro keyboards and plinky guitar sound, and with Brock’s vocal coming across like a modern Benatar, this is one of my favourites off the album.

But this album isn’t just out of the traps up tempo rock numbers there are a couple of slower rock moments, while still retaining that angst filled layer and a prime example of this mix of elements is ‘Two Words’.

The more straight up rock comes in spades with ‘Master And Slave’ and the superb ‘7 Pieces’.  Next up we bring the tempo down just a touch with ‘Solitary Girl' before raising it back up again with another angst filler rocker in ‘Fuel’.

That more modern vibe is brought through with ‘Power It Through’, a complex mix of keyboards and guitars around a solid rhythm section.  Then it’s time for another of my favourites from the album, the anthemic ‘Warrior’.

The album closes in fine style with ‘The Witching Hour’, a touch of classic rock to finish off this fine album that will set tongues wagging in the Melodic and Hard Rock communities for sure.  Definitely one to watch out for in 2010.


  1. Monsters

  2. New Addiction

  3. Two Words

  4. Master And Slave

  5. 7 Pieces

  6. Solitary Girl

  7. Fuel

  8. Power It Through

  9. Warrior

  10. The Witching Hour  



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