Artist:  Sebastian Back
   Title: Kicking & Screaming
   Label: Frontiers Records

This is the new solo album from the former Skid Row frontman and once again the man from Canada delivers hard rock with the usual venom as only Bach can.

This album is pure bred Bach, as he powers through the massive rockers, but also delivers gentler moments along the way. Things get underway with the title track and first single ‘Kicking & Screaming’.  This is full on Bach delivering those unmistakable vocals that made Skid Row the band of the 80’s for many young rock fans.

The tempestuous rock continues with the thumping ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ and the multi faceted ‘Tunnel Vision', which also features Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie guitarist John 5.  But it’s the angst filled rockers that have become Bach’s anthems and this album has its fair share, with ‘Dancing On Your Grave’ a prime example, a hard edged riff filled rocker with a powerhouse vocal driving it like a express train out of Hades itself.

The pounding rock continues with ‘Caught In A Dream’, where those unmistakably Bach vocals come to the front in power and grace unified, then it's the anthemic ‘As Long As I Got The Music’, before that gentler moment I spoke of earlier, the haunting ‘I’m Alive’.

It's pedal to the metal once more as the album moves up a gear with the excellent ‘ Dirty Power’ and the massive ‘Live The Life’, before switching down again with the power driven ballad ‘Dream Forever’.  This is just a short reprise as it's full steam ahead once more with ‘One Good Reason’, the angst filled ‘Lost In The Light’, before the album closes with another of those gentler moments with ‘Wishin’.  A song that rounds off another power filled opus that shows that Bach still can pack a punch vocally.  There might not be the next 'Slave To The Grind' or '18 and Life' on this album, but that was then and this is now, and he’s coming at you 'Kicking & Screaming' as only he can.


1. Kicking & Screaming
2. My Own Worst Enemy
3. Tunnel Vision
4. Dance On Your Grave
5. Caught In A Dream
6. As Long As I Got The Music
7. I’m Alive
8. Dirty Power
9. Live The Life
10. Dream Forever
11. One Good Reason
12. Lost In The Light
13. Wishin’



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