Artist:  The Bermondsey Joyriders
   Title: The Bermondsey Joyriders
   Label: Fuel Injection Records

This 2009 debut album from this three piece punk outfit bursts onto the music scene.  Influenced by all strands of punk, including progressive work, The Bermondsey Joyriders fill this 10 track album with a satirical and sometimes scathing look at society and all of its flaws.

This bombastic album explodes with the song 'Café Racer'.  The growling punk vocals of Gary are a powerful counterpoint to the expertly played guitar, bass and heavy, loud drumming that encapsulates each song.

Gary’s voice moves from London Cockney to American at almost a flick of the switch.  The trio manage to produce a punk look at society that sometimes rips into it and sometimes looks at the different facets of society, all meshed within the deep gravelly voice.  The blues influence is particularly obvious when listening to the guitar riffs, with the deep twanging reminiscent of an earlier age.

'Football' focuses on not only the football clubs of London and the weekly grind of the work wheel, but also on football and its intrinsic place as a part of British culture.  'The Bermondsey Joyrirder' is a simplistic punk instrumental that races along the chords, possibly signifying how the Bermondsey Joyriders worked (a gang of lads stealing cars off the yuppies and going for a spin).

The anti-establishment bent of the album appeals to anyone and everyone, using the deep bluesy guitar as the perfect counterpoint to the heavy drums and the bass riffs that lick along every second of every track on the album

Review by: Kerry H


1. The Cafe Racer
2. All The Darkness
3. Runnin' Riot
4. Football
5. The Bermondsey Joyriders
6. Genuine
7. Who Are Ya
8. Again And Again
9. Part Of My Problem
10. Rock N' Roll Demon



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