Artist:  The Burning Crows
   Title: Behind The Veil
   Label: Burning Crows Records

Hot on the heels of their critically acclaimed EP 'Never Had It So Good’ and their support slot with the Quireboys, The Burning Crows are set to cause even more of a stir with the release of their debut album ‘Behind The Veil’.

The band have taken up where the EP left off with yes, all the tracks from the EP, which are featured on the album, so those already familiar with 'Never Had It So Good', will know what to expect.  Those of you unfamiliar with the band and their sound are in for a real treat, as Whippz, Lance Daniels, Will Lockett and Chris Chapman, along with guest keyboardist Keith Weir of the Quireboys, deliver some good old fashioned, no nonsense British Hard Rock as it should be.

From the opener ‘High’, you can almost taste the swagger filled rock n' roll, with just a touch of the blues, before bringing a touch more edginess to the mix with ‘All The Way’.

There is a touch of the Quireboys about ‘You, Me, Tonight’, again punchy blues driven hard rock with a touch of sleaze.  This vibe is carried on to great effect on the excellent ‘Time’, then the tempo is picked up with the thumping anthemic ‘Fallin’.

Another great slice of bravado filled rock n' roll has to be the storming ‘So Wrong’, before the guys show us their gentler side with their Every Rose styled ballad in ‘Here I Am’, then it's back on the gas once more with the rocking 'Say My Name’ and the outrageously grooved filled splendour that is ‘The Queen’.

The slow burner ‘Devil May Care’ takes all the best elements of what has gone before on the album and amalgamates them in one great riff filled masterpiece.

The tempo is pick up big style with ‘Slow Up, Get Down’.  Those of you that bought the EP already know that this is the band at their hard rocking best.  Then it's time for title track ‘Behind The Veil’, again riff filled, hard rocking at its British best.

The album does boast two bonus tracks, again both taken from the EP.  They are ‘Going Down’ and ‘Best Damn Thing’.  Two stomping rockers that close out what is a great debut from a band with a big future.  This in no nonsense rock n' roll and it does exactly what it say’s on the tin.

Review by: Barry McMinn


1. High
2. All The Way
3. You, Me, Tonight
4. Time
5. Fallin'
6. So Wrong
7. Here I Am
8. Say My Name
9. The Queen
10. Devil May Care
11. Slow Up, Get Down
12. Behind The Veil
13. Going Down (bonus)
14. Best Damn Everything (bonus)



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