Album Reviews
Band: Allegaeon

Title: Elements Of The Infinite

Label: Metal Blade Records


Riding the crest of continuing success since their second album 'Formshifter', Allegaeon mark 2014 with their latest release 'Elements of The Infinite', which is another evolutionary step forward in the bands sound. 


What immediately grabbed my attention on this album is just how incredible the band sounds. The production is absolutely superb with no instruments being drowned out in the mix.  Every note in every guitar solo sounds so crisp and clear and is backed up by a roaring rhythm section.  Not only that, but the entire record is brutally heavy from the first track to the last.  A majority of this album is centered on technical and progressive riffs highlighted in 'Tyrants of the Terrestrial Exodus' and 'Through Ages of Ice Ė Otziís Curse'. 


Anthemic moments come from '1.618' (which has one of the funniest music videos I have seen to date) and the gigantic 13-minute album closer 'Genocide for Praise Ė Vals for the Vitruvian Man'.  Every track prides itself on intricate musical passages, breakdowns, tempo changes and this adds so much depth to the songs differing it from the rest of the death metal genre.  The one problem that I did have with this album is that some songs seemed to be technical just for sake of it and didnít seem to go anywhere.  Other than that, I think that 'Elements Of the Infinite' is a fantastic album and definitely one that fans of tech metal should check out!


Review by: Rob Herald




1. Threshold Of Perception
2.  Tyrants
3. Dyson Sphere
4. The Phylogenesis Stretch
5.  1.618
6.  Gravimetric Time Dilation
7.  Our Cosmic Casket
8.  Biomech II
9.  Through Ages Of Ice - Otzi's Curse

10. Genocide For Praise - Vals For The Vitruvian Man 


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