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Band: Audrey Horne

Title: Pure Heavy

Label: Napalm Records


No, this band is NOT some porn actress trying her hand at rock music, it happens to be a 5-piece all-male rock band from Norway who, on this, their 4th album, deliver songs that will have you craving for more AND pointing out 'that sounds quite like..' as it goes along, because this is a band who definitely wear their 70's, 80's & 90's influences on their sleeves quite unashamedly, and why not? Ain't it good to be reminded of the classic days gone by, even if it's done with a modern twist as it has been here? EXACTLY!! So lets see what the lads have come up with, shall we??

Opening with the glorious riff-fest that is 'Wolf In My Heart', slightly psychedelic-tinted in the vocals to begin with, the track becomes a real foot-stomper of grand proportions before the first of many 'sound-alikes' come to the fore. 'Holy Roller' rattles along like an Ozzy/Randy Rhodes classic, Toschie actually not too far away from The Prince Of Darkness in his prime to be honest! The dueled guitars that bleed through 'Out Of The City' pay homage to the Robertson/Gorham era of Thin Lizzy, though Toschie still thinks he's Ozzy(!), and the Iron Maiden flag is raised ever so slightly throughout the heavier sounding 'Volcano Girl', and yes, you do get those similar guitar solos in tow! Fortunately the drumming is WAY better than it was on the 'Sooty Show'!!(Ahem, Nico).

'Tales from the Crypt' is a sleazy take on 70's Glam bought back to life by the likes of Motley Crue in the past, thumping drumming and anthemic choruses a must here, and even Nikki Sixx gets a nod along with Diamond Dave Lee Roth in homage. Mentioning DLR, 'Into The Wild' screams out early Van Halen, again with it's gang-styled chorus, but mainly due to the pacey, frenetic guitar wizardry that EVH would gag at now as his mantle is slowly prised away from his grasp! That Lizzy homage takes another bow on the more laid back 'Gravity', still with solos intact, but more like the mid-80;s era than the earlier ballsy band we grew up on. Still, no complaints from this end, eh??

Here comes EDDIE and his flag again!! 'High And Dry' out-Maiden's Iron Maiden once again on this beast of a track which is no mean feat for any band, but A.H. do it with such aplomb, hell, maybes the stale 'real deal' need to take notice! Ozzy, sorry, Toschie takes the bull by the nads and belts out his strongest vocals on the pulsating 'Waiting For The Night', a powerhouse track almost verging on 'punk/new wave' territory with it's scratchy riff that a lot of bands within that genre were making waves with back in the day. Yeah, the memories...!! The dark and heavy tempo that exudes from the pit of 'Boy Wonder' brings the album to it's solemn finale, but not before a brain-ringing solo cuts it's way through to keep you on edge up to the last draining note on this great album.

Ok, there has been a lot of comparing going on, and no doubt other reviewers will do the same, but as said earlier, Audrey Horne wear there influences without shame here, though with the quality of their own songs that make up 'Pure Heavy', given time, they could easily stand side by side with those of the Classic Bands that they mirror at times on this album. Don't take it to heart though Toschie, Ice, Kjetil, Espen and Thomas, it is all meant as a compliment and hopefully it's accepted as so.

Review by: Robb Baldwin


1. Wolf In My Heart
2. Holy Roller
3. Out Of The City
4. Volcano Girl
5. Tales From The Crypt
6. Into The Wild
7. Gravity
8. High And Dry
9. Waiting For The Night
10. Boy Wonder 


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