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Band: Brimstone Coven

Title: Brimstone Coven

Label: Metal Blade Records


Fresh from signing to Metal Blade Records, Brimstone Coven releases their third and self-titled album.  Driven by Sabbath influenced chops with a dash of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, the West Virginia foursome impress on this latest studio offering. 

The album opener 'Cosmic Communion' gets things off to an assuring start as it’s grinding groove sounds tantamount to Black Sabbath’s N.I.B.'.  'Behold, the Anunnaki' follows suit with a riff that echoes of Vol IV and the vocal harmonies are not to shabby either.  A more laid back approach is taken on ''Black Door' and 'Blood On the Wall' which showcase more prog rock elements whilst still retaining the bands sound. 

There are one or two tracks on here that go straight into the album filler category, but the majority of songs are very enjoyable.  My personal highlight was the lengthy album closer 'The Folly Of Faust' as it is a dynamically riff charged joy. Brimstone Coven is a really strong record and fans of doom & prog rock will certainly find something special in this release. 

Review by: Rob Herald




1.  Cosmic Communion
2. Behold, The Annunnaki
3. The Black Door 
4. Blood On The Wall
5. The Grave
6. Lord & Master
7. Vying
8. The Seance
9. Hades Hymn
10. The Folly Of Faust 


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