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Band: Crazy Lixx

Title: Crazy Lixx

Label: Frontiers Records


Coming out of Malmo like a rock n' roll hurricane in 2002, Crazy Lixx's Danny Rexon and his band of rock n' roll renegades brought that 80’s sleazy Hard Rock vibe kicking and screaming into the now, when they released their debut 'Loud Minority' in 2007.

Now with three albums under their belts, each one surpassing its predecessor, the band return in 2014 with a self titled fourth album.

For an old school Hair Metal fans like myself, this album is an absolute pure joy to listen too, as the band continue to wear their influences on their sleeves.

Things get underway with the current single ‘Hell Raising Women’, an all guns blazing hard rock assault on the senses.  This one really sets you up for the rest of album as it continues its Hard Rock/Sleazy vibe with excellent anthemic ‘Sound Of The Loud Minority.

The hard rocking keeps on rolling with the bands Skid Row influenced ‘Outlaw’, before the band pay homage to the big hair tight jeans of the Sunset Strip, no not the bands, but those ‘Girls Of The 80’s’ with this mid-tempoed rocker.  That same mid-tempo Hard Rock style is continued on ‘I Miss The Mark’, before bringing back the heat with the excellent ‘All Looks, No Hooks’.  Another ripped slice of Hollywood styled sleaze that will make you want to dig out your tightest jeans, rip up a few tees and dust off those cowboy boots once more, or is that just me?

With so many good tracks under their belts you’d think there’d be as few fillers in here as well, but this isn’t the case, as the band bring out the big Hard Rock guns for the Krokus styled no-nonsense rocker ‘Aint No Rest In Rock n Roll’.  Nowif this one doesn't get those feet tapping, then you’ve got no rock n' roll in your soul.

The rock n' roll frenzy continues with the harder edged arena rock of ‘Call To Action’ and the hook laden ‘Heroes Are Forever’, then it's time for some dirty blues with the storming ‘Psycho City’, before this superb album closes as it started, with an all-out rock assault courtesy of ‘Wrecking Ball Crew’.

Every band must have a self titled album in their catalogue and with this their fourth album, the Swedes have an album that is more than worthy of the name.  If you liked the previous three albums, then you're gonna love this one for sure.  ALL KILLER, NO FILLER! Enough said.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Hell Raising Women
2. Sound Of The Loud Minority
3. Outlaw
4. Girls Of The 80's
5. I Missed The Mark
6. All Looks, No Hooks
7. Ain't No Rest In Rock N' Roll
8. Call To Action
9. Heroes Are Forever
10. Psycho City
11. Wrecking Ball Crew


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