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Band: Crucified Barbara

Title: In The Red

Label: Despotz Records


Starting out as Punk Rock band back in 1998, Sweden’s Crucified Barbara soon turn to Hard Rock and in 2005, the band set the Hard Rock world on fire with their debut album ‘In Distortion We Trust’.  Since then the band had gone from strength to strength, with each album out doing its predecessor.  

Now in 2014 the band of Mia Coldheart, Kiara Force, Ida Evileye and Nicki Wicked return with what has to be the bands finest album to date ‘In The Red’.  

The album is female angst rock n' roll of the highest calibre, as it kicks off and I mean KICKS OFF with the high-octane riff laced ‘I Sell My Kids For Rock n' Roll’.  Instantly the quartet lay down the gauntlet to anyone who doubts their rock n' roll credentials, as they deliver it hard and fast with more venom than a pissed off cobra.  

The female angst continues with the anti rape anthem ‘To Kill A Man’ that marks the dark statistic that "One-fifth of all women have suffered rape or attempted rape in their lifetime” is also felt in the band video for the song and one which give Mia a chance to really show what a powerful and menacing vocal presence she has, a song with a message both lyrically and musically, powerful stuff  

Next up it’s the newest single off the album the excellent ‘Electric Sky’, another no holds barred Hard Rock anthem that’s followed by the rocking ‘Ghost Inside’, which leads nicely into another upbeat rocker where the girls shoot from the hip again on the lick driven ‘Don’t Call On Me’.  

The title track ‘In The Red’ is next this time it’s the big brash hard rocker that really lets Evileeye unleash a might bass line that is the perfect foil for Coldheart’s angsty vocals, the hard hitting continues with the impressive ‘Lunatic #1’ and the no holds barred rocker ‘Shadows’, before the infectious grooves of ‘Finders Keepers’ hits you smack between the eyes.  

The upbeat rock continues like an express train to hell with the storming ‘Do You Want Me’, before this tremendous album closes as it opened, with another all out attack on the senses ‘Follow The Stream’, which closes the best Crucified Barbara album to date.  Once again the Swedes show how kick-ass rock n' roll should sound and with an extensive European tour lined-up for October, this in one band you should catch live, because live they will blow you away.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  I Sell My Kids For Rock N' Roll
2.  To Kill A Man
3.  Electric Sky
4.  The Ghost Inside
5.  In The Red
6.  Don't Call On Me
7.  Lunatic #1
8.  Shadows
9.  Finders Keepers
10. Do You Want Me
11.  Follow The Stream


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