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Band: Lord Volture

Title: Will To Power

Label: Mausoleum Records


In 2010 Dutch Heavy Metallers Lord Volture set about bringing back the spirit of true Heavy Metal with their debut album ‘Beast Of Thunder, which was quickly followed in 2011 with the sophomore release 'Never Cry Wolf'.  A release that quickly cemented the band's solid reputation on the touring circuit, with slots to tour with the likes of Primal Fear, Firewind, Tim Ripper Owens, Blaze Bayley and more.

Now in 2014 the band are about to release the 3rd album ‘Will To Power’, the first through Mausoleum Records, and again the band wear their influences on their sleeves with this new album.  Led by the vocal might of David Marcelis who is joined by the twin guitar assault of Paul Marcelis and Leon Hermans, the powerhouse rhythm section of Simon Geurts on bass and Frank Wintermans on drums, this quartet are once more bringing their power infused metal to the masses.

The album opens up with ‘Where The Enemy Sleep’ and you can almost smell the denim and leather as the guitars and drums and big bass lines lead the way for the mighty Marcelis to unleash all his vocal power.  Instantly you're thrown into the world of Iced Earth and Priest.  This old school metal at its modern best.  This no frills all riffs Heavy Metal is continued with the excellent ‘Taklamakan’, a song that has that 'Powerslave' Maiden era about it, with the twin guitar assault really driving this one to the edge of oblivion and back.

There’s a touch of the NWOBHM about the rocking ‘The Pugilist’, before the power driven metal continues on the title track ‘Will To Power’, with the rhythm section of Geurt and Wintermans really earning their monies on this one, as they deliver a backbeat thunder worthy of Thor himself.  Laying down the foundations for another lick laden assault, all capped by another monster vocal.

It's heads down, raise your horns in the air metal all the way with the rip snorting ‘My Sworn Enemy’, before the epic melodic metal that is ‘The Great Blinding’.  Another song coming back to the Iced Earth style of soaring Heavy Metal.

We’re thrown a slight curve ball with in the opening moments ‘Omertà’, you're drawn into thinking this is going to be some sort of ballad, but fear not, this is just the intro, as it's all systems go once again as the guitarist’s break free and unleash some of biggest riffs of the album on this one.

It's back to the more melodic metal side of things with the wonderful ‘Badajoz (1812)’, which tells the story of the siege of in 1812, as the Anglo-Portuguese Army under General A Wallasley, besieged the Spanish City of Badajoz during the Napoleonic Wars.

The album closes in style with another heads down slice of old school Heavy Metal in ‘Line ‘em Up’ and closes off another fantastic album from these Dutchmen.  When Metal-heads wear the emblems of the their favourite bands on the denim jackets, Lord Volture go on step further and wear them on their hearts, and in their music, and long may it continue.

Review by: Barry McMinn




1. Where The Enemy Sleep
2. Taklamakan
3. The Purilist
4. Will To Power
5. My Sworn Enemy
6. The Great Blinding
7. Omerta
8. Badajoz
9. Line 'em Up! 


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