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Band: Michael Bormann

Title: Love Is Magic

Label: RMB Records


'Love is Magic' is the long awaited "Best Of Ballads" album from the legend that is Michael Bormann.  This album is a compilation of the mans finest ballads and shows that teutonic Hard Rock has a softer side and when done just right like this, it will melt the hardest of hearts.


This is 15, yes count them, 15 tracks of pure ear-candy taken from Bormann’s 18 year career, with two previously unreleased tracks among this smorgasbord of melodic lovelies.  Although he has produced some great hard rock songs, this album is purely about the mellow moments.  Things get underway with the aptly titled opener ‘I Wanna Hear Your Voice’, taken from the 2008 album 'Captured Moment' and a fine example of what the rest of the album has in store for the listener.


Next it's time for 'Singing For You' from Mark Sweeney’s 2007 album 'Slow Food', on which Bormann contributed guitars, bass and drums to the album.  Then it's back to Bormann’s solo albums for the haunting ‘Can't Stop Missing You’, a song that will pull at the heartstrings for sure.


Then it's time for Bormann to put his own stamp on the Beatles classic ‘Help’.  Now to take such a well known song and make it your own is quite a feat, and Bormann does just that and brings a touch melodic class to this one.   The album continues on its melodic path the excellent ‘Two Of A Kind’ and the semi acoustic tones of ‘Somebody Like You’, the first of the new songs.  Another heart melter, to be honest they’re all heart melters.


If I had to pick my best of the rest, the likes of the Jaded Heart classic and title track ‘Love is Magic’, the more recent ‘Was Mr Fehlt’, upon which Bormann sings in his native tongue, (whoever said German is a harsh language should listen to this song) and ‘Go Goin' Gone’, are just few of my favourites.  Not only is Bormann one of the best German vocalist's around, he’s also one of the most versatile.  Check out the latest Silent Force or Powerworld album's, where he shows off his Metal side. 


This is a great collection, not just for this mans army of fans, but this is a "how to…" album for anyone wanting to know what a great ballad should sound.  It's also the perfect soundtrack for lovers the world over.


Review by: Barry McMinn




1. I Wanna Hear Your Voice
2. Singing For You
3. Can't Stop Missing You
4. Help
5. Two Of A Kind
6. Somebody Like You
7. The Best Is Yet To Come
8. Love Is Magic
9. Way Back Home
10. Was Mr Fehlt
11. I'd Die For You
12. Don't You Tell Me
13. Go Goin Gone
14. Uberleben


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