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Band: TNT

Title: 30th Anniversary 1982 - 2012 Live In Concert

Label: Indie Recordings


Marking 30 years is a milestone for any band, but TNT are a band that inspired a whole Norwegian Heavy Metal scene and to mark the bands 30th Anniversary, the band are joined by some special guests, as well as the Tronheim Symphony Orchestra.

This is quite unique anniversary album as this features both the bands vocalists Tony Harnell and Tony Mills, as well as appearances of Hank Von Helvette, Dee Snider and Dag Ingebrigtsen.

The album as you can imagine, has a whole host of classic songs, as well as songs from the band's more recent releases.  The album covers some of the bands finest moments from the past 30 years.

All the classics are here from the Harnell years including the likes of ĎIntuitioní and '10,000 Lovers (In One)í, but it's the songs from the Mills years that really show the band at the edgy best.  As the man from Birmingham with one of the most powerful and unmistakable vocals in the world of Rock, and personally I donít think this was used to its full capacity on the TNT albums on which he sang, but thatís a debate for a different day.  When you hear him deliver the likes of 'My Religion' and 'Harley Davidson', you simply can't question his vocal ability.  This is a must buy album for fans of the band and Iím sure it will sell extremely well in their native Norway.

Whether the band will do another studio album is yet to be seen, perhaps with Harnellís return to the band being officially announced they may well do that, or perhaps the band will simply become their own tribute band, just playing live songs from their back catalogue.  Only time will tell.

But as I said, this is a fans album and one for the collection.  If you know anything about the band at all then you'll know absolutely anything is possible from TNT, so let's see what 2015 brings if anything.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Fanfare For The Common Man
2. Invisible Noise
3. Substitute
4. Refugee
5. As Far As The Eye Can See
6. Downhill Racer
7. Intuition
8. Northern Lights
9. Tekr Solo
10. Magica Lanterna
11. Sabre Dance 
12. Harley Davison
13. USA
14. Eddie
15. June
16. My Religion
17. Everyone's A Star
18. 10,000 Lovers In One
19. Seven Seas


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