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Band: 21Octayne

Title: 2.0

Label: AFM Records

Well the wait is now over for 21Octayne fans as Hagen Grohe, Marco Wriedt and Alex Landenburg return for their sophomore release simply entitled '2.0'.

And once again the return with another diverse modern rock album, that has enough scope to bring in new fans and enough of the taste of the first album to please their diehard fan base.

The album kicks off were the debut 'Into The Open' left off, with the power-driven guitars of Wriedt leading the charge and the powerhouse drums of Landenburg equally bringing the heat, with the awesome vocals of Grohe not that far behind.  This no-nonsense high OCTAYNE rock n' roll.

The no-nonsense approach continues with the excellent modern rocker ‘Take Me Back’, this is where Wriedt shows his six string dexterity, as he throws out the licks like six string confetti.

The tempo is brought down just a touch with the current single ‘When You Go’, featuring a real classy vocal from Grohe, which drives this mid-tempo rocker.  Definitely one for the radio this song.

It's back to the up-tempo rockers with the classic rocking of ‘Love’s Just A Heartbreak Away’, this song shows the diversity of the band, as this one has that classic rock feel but with a modern edge.  Then it's back on the gas big style with the raucous sleazy rocking of ‘Take Me Away’.

It's all change once more as the band bring on their mellower side with the ballad ‘Lost’.  This is Grohe as his warm and harmonious best and with a soaring guitar from Wriedt just adding to the glorious melodies, this is one of the highlights of the album, before returning to the meat and bones hard rocking with the glorious ‘The Circle’.

The edgy riffs of ‘Date With Myself’ keeps that hard rock groove going and continues with the excellent dark edged ‘Fly With Me’, although the band save their best for last, with the ten minute epic ‘Tale of a Broken Child’.  This is where the band bring a little progressive edge into the mix.  This one has it all, big riffs, a powerhouse rhythm section and those towering vocals, this what 21Octayne are all about, they can mix it up and still deliver quality modern hard rock with just a nod to the past.  This is the band on the cusp of great things and album '2.0' is just another milestone in the bands career.  A career that is going from strength to strength and album to album.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Devil In Disguise 
2. Take Me Back
3. When You Go 
4. Love's Just A Heartbreak Away 
5. Take Me Away 
6. Lost 
7. The Circle 
8. Date With Myself 
9. Fly With Me 
10. Tale Of A Broken Child 


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