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Band: Axxis

Title: 25 Years Of Rock & Power 

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

In an era of throw away pop bands, rock and metal bands still stand the test of time.  One such band that are a prime example of this are Germany’s Axxis, a band that have more than showed their stability over the years, producing album after album of great Teutonic metal.

To celebrate the bands '25 Years of Rock & Power', they have released the DVD of the same name.  Recorded on the 28th Dec from Zeche, Bochum as part of the bands quarter of century at the top of their game.

The whole package of 2 CD’s and a DVD is just the perfect package for fans both old and new, as they go through their history in front of a packed house of adoring fans.  A 3 hour package that is must for all.

With frontman Bernhard leading the way in his own unique style, with classic tracks such as ‘Love is Like An Ocean’ and Living The Dream’ still sounding as fresh as if they were just released yesterday, the 28 songs take us on a journey through the bands discography, with special guest appearances from Jeanette Scherf from Dawn of Destiny on Take My Hand’ and Dance with the Dead, Hannes Braun from Kissing Dynamite on Heavy Rain and Doro Pesch dueting with Bernhard on the ballad ‘Stay Don’t Leave Me’

Even getting ex Axxis member Werner Kleinhans in on the act on Kingdom of The Knight’ then bringing them all back on stage for a rip snorting encore ‘Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye’.

This is the band at their live best, with bonus interviews, backstage clip this is 3 hours plus of pure Axxis. 

Review by: Barry McMinn




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