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Band: Beauvoir Free

Title: American Trash

Label: Frontiers Records

If you're familiar with Crown Of Thorn's debut album, then the names of Jean Beauvoir and Micki Free will be no strangers.  Now in 2015 the pair are back together for their fantastic new album 'American Trash'.

The pair both moved back to LA in 2003 and re-connected. They discussed joining forces again for a new project and after a few shows in Europe in 2013, a deal with Frontiers was inked for a brand new album to be recorded in 2014.  The result of which is the amazing 'American Trash'. 

Fans of the Crown of Thorns debut know exactly what this pair are capable of when put together, and American Trash takes that C.O.T. sound and brings it into the now.

The album gets off to a flyer with ‘Angels Cry’, an instant winner from the off, Beauvoir still has the vocal might and brings the heat on this one.

The hard rocking continues with ‘Morning After’, a real tasty mid-tempo hard rocker with Free throwing out the lick like six string confetti, alongside a fantastic orchestration.

Next up it’s the hard hitting title track ‘American Trash’, another big driven lick for Free and Beauvoir responds with a fantastic vocal.  There is an air of funk about this one that makes you want to get your groove on.

The more traditional Hard Rock comes in the shape of the excellent ‘Whiplash’, before the wonderful ballad ‘Just Breathe’.  This is Beauvoir at his most soulful.  A real heart-tugger, before it's foot down on gas once more with the rocking ‘Shotgun To The Heart’.

The tempo is brought down again with the semi-acoustic ballad ‘Never Give Up’, this one has a air of C & W about it another superb vocal from Beauvoir once again, then its all guns blazing once more with the storming ‘Cold Dark December’, another Free special on this one as he mixes Hard Rock and Funk as only he can.

‘It's Never Too Late’ is another mid tempo rocker very much in the Crown of Thorns vein.  The album rocks out in style with the excellent ‘She’s A KO’ and album closer ‘There’s No Starting Over’, another driven guitar fuelled rocker that wraps up one of the album of 2015 for sure.  There is an old cliché that goes “All killer no filler’ and that phase was meant for this album.  It's just eleven tracks of pure Hard Rock ear-candy.  If you're looking for the perfect summertime album then look no further.  This is not so much American Trash as more like American Class!

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Angels Cry 
2. Morning After
3. American Trash 
4. Whiplash 
5. Just Breathe 
6. Shotgun To The Heart 
7. Never Give Up 
8. Cold Dark December 
9. It's Never Too Late 
10. She's A Ko
11. There's No Starting Over 


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