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Band: Burning Point

Title: Burning Point

Label: AFM Records

2015 marks a new chapter in the Burning Point story, as Pete Ahonen steps down from the microphone and in steps former Battle Beast vocalist Nitte Valo for their latest album simply entitled 'Burning Point'.

The album contains five new songs and the reworking of five others, plus a KISS cover, with Valo on vocals this has given Burning Point a whole new sense of direction, her fiery vocals aided by Ahonen’s and Kolivuori’s superb guitar work, all go to make this a very special Burning Point release.

The older tracks are given a new lease of life but it’s a new track that get's the album underway, 'In The Shadows’, a blistering opener and one that highlights from the off what Valo brings to Burning Point.  A massive metal vocal extravaganza that really brings this one to life.

The first of the reworked tracks is equally impressive ‘All The Madness’ is a towering metal anthem that shows Valo at her titanic best, as she does on the all the songs to be honest.

The new re-workings continues with the massive ‘Signs of Danger’, a rip-snorting guitar lick is the thread that holds this one together.  These re-workings really sound good, not to say better than the originals, but they have their own identity.

The next of the new songs is ‘Find Your Soul’, another blistering slice of Heavy Metal that still has that Burning Point classic sound, but its' Valo that makes this one, once again.

‘Heart of Gold’ is given a real metal makeover the guitar sound is bigger the orchestrations are massive, the drums are bigger, the  bass lines more defined, the whole song is now on a whole new level compared to the original.

The next new track is a more sedate slice of Metal, still a massive song, but with a more melodic refrain and highlights Valo’s gentler side.  What can I say about ‘Dawn Of An Ancient War’, the original rocked but this new one just blows the original out of the water.  Sonically this is a much more modern metal attack on the senses.

The re-worked ‘Into The Fire’ is given a first class makeover, well not just a makeover but a full on facelift.  The rampaging guitars of the original are still here, but here they're on a much grander scale, as is ‘Blackened The Sun’, with melodic metal of newby ‘Queen of Fire’ squeezed in between these two re-workings.

The album is closed with a stunning cover of KISS’s ‘I’ve Had Enough (Into the Fire)', never did the 'Animalize' version sound this heavy.  This is the icing on the cake for what is the prelude to the bands forthcoming album ‘Polttopiste’.  I for one can't wait.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. In The Shadows 
2. All The Madness 
3. Signs Of Danger 
4. Find Your Soul 
5. Heart Of Gold 
6. My Darkest Times 
7. Dawn Of The Ancient War 
8. Into The Fire 
9. Queen Of Fire 
10. Blackened The Sun 
11. I've Had Enough (Into The Fire) 


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