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Band: U.D.O.

Title: Decadent

Label: AFM Records


When it comes to legends in the world of Heavy Metal they don't come any more legendary than Udo Dirkschneider, the unchallenged Metal King.

With the world seem split between the haves and the have nots, the gap between the rich and the poor has never been so dominant and this is the basis behind U.D.O.’s fifteenth studio release.

With twelve tracks of pure Heavy Metal, the man from Wuppertal shows no sign of relinquishing this Metal crown if this album is anything to go by.

This is no holds barred Metal at its Teutonic best.  The album opens up with the massive guitar driven assault that is ‘Speeder’, which lays down the foundation for the rest of the album, as the title track ‘Decadent’ is next.  This one is just such a thunderous ball-breaking slice of Metal, if you haven’t seen the hard hitting video that accompanies this one, then I recommend you do check it out.  The shock and awe element hit the mark as it was no doubt intended to do.

The no-nonsense Heavy Metal we expect from U.D.O. continues with the excellent ‘House of Fake’, a really classy slab of no holds barred METAL \mm/ \mm/ This is Dirkschneider at his thunderous best.

The Teutonic metal is at its rawest with the massive ‘Mystery’, with Dirkschneider displaying a multitude of vocal styles on this one.  Then it's straight shooting, full-force Metal with the excellent riff laden ‘Pain’.  This is Dirkschneider in full Metal attack.  His vocals have never sounded so angsty, while still retaining an air of metal elegance.

Over the years Dirkschneider has delivered some stunning mellower vocals and on this album he displays this well on the moving ‘Secrets In Paradise’, a real tour-de-force if ever there was one.

It's back to the full on Heavy Metal with the storming guitars of ‘Meaning Of Life’ and the monstrous back beats of ‘Breathless’, before the rip-snorting, riff-frenzy that is ‘Under Your Skin’.  The next song slows down slightly to bring us back the old school anthemic Heavy Metal with the blistering ‘Untouchable’.

It's heads-down, raise your horns time with the electrifying ‘Rebels Of The Night’, before this Metal Monster of an album closes with the majestic ‘Words In Flame’.  Another monstrous slab of metal that closes what is another superb album from the unchallenged king of Heavy Metal Mr Udo Dirkschneider, “Long Live The King”!

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Speeder  
2. Decadent 
3. House Of Fake 
4. Mystery 
5. Pain 
6. Secrets In Paradise 
7. Meaning Of Life 
8. Breathless 
9. Under Your Skin 
10. Untouchable 
11. Rebels Of The Night
12. Words In Flame 


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