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Band: Ammunition

Title: Shanghaied

Label: AOR Heaven



When Norwegian Glam Rockers Wig Wam called it a day after some thirteen years in the first quarter of 2014, the world of rock lost one of the pioneers of modern Glam Rock. But now in 2015 we see Age Sten Nilsen return with a new band to fill the gap left behind by Wig Wam, that band is Ammunition.

Joining Nilsen on this new venture are some of Scandinavians finest musicians around today, as long time writing partner Erik Mårtensson (of Eclipse / W.E.T fame), reunites with Nilsen, along with Hal Patino - Bass (King Diamond / Pretty Maids), Robban Bäck - Drums (Sabaton / Eclipse), Lasse Finbråthen - Keyboards (Wigwam / Circus Maximus) and Jon Pettersen - Guitars (Bad Habits / Wild Willy’s Gang) and together they bring in 2015 with a great big slab of no holds barred Hard Rock entitled ‘Shanghaied’. 

The album opens up with the excellent ‘Silverback’ a great rockin’ opener that has touches of Wig Wam about it but with the glitter is washed of and a more edgy sound grinds out courtesy of Mårtensson’s and Pettersen’s guitars.

The hard rocking continues with the same vibe with the storming ‘Give Me A Sign’, again edgy Hard Rock with a real modern edge.  If you love the new rock coming out of Scandinavia like Eclipse, Wet and the like, then this one will be right up your street!

The title track ‘Shanghaied’ is pure Hard Rock gold.  I think Nilsen has never sounded so gritty and on top of his game, and that is continued on with the storming 'Tie Me Down', which starts with an almost 'Welcome To The Jungle' riff to get it underway.  A real sleazy rocker that will have your foot-tapping from the off.

The band takes a time to reflect with the ballad ‘Road To Babylon’ this give Nilsen time to really shine vocally, then things get a little funky as the tempo is brought back up with the excellent ‘Take Out The Enemy’, a great little fun filled rocker that will have then dancing in the aisles. 

The no nonsense Hard Rock is brought back to the mix with the ‘Hit Me (With Your Bombs)', that reminds me of very much of one of favourite bands Bang Tango.  It has the funk o' rock feel about it. Next up it's straight shooting hard rock with ‘Do You Like It’, which is just pure Scandi rock at its very best.

That feel of a raw Wig Wam sound returns with ‘Wild Kard’, before the meaty Hard Rock comes screaming back with ‘Another Piece of Me’.  A real ballsy rocker.  Then the tempo is brought down a touch with the anthemic ‘Hearts Not In It’, before this excellent album closes on a high with another no holds barred slice of hard edged rock in ‘Strung Out’.

With this new album Nilsen has taken the bull by its horns and come out with a stunning album.  If you're going to make a return then this is the way to do it.  This is one way to show you’ve got a lot more in your arsenal.  

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Silverback  
2. Give Me A Sign
3. Shanghaied
4. Tie Me Down
5. Road To Babylon
6. Take Out The Enemies 
7. Hit Me (With Your Bombs) 
8. Do You Like It 
9. Wild Kard 
10. Another Piece Of Me 
11. Heart's Not In It
12. Strung Out


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