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Band: Bailey

Title: Long Way Down

Label: Frontiers Records



With the release of the Three Lions release in April last year, Nigel Bailey did not rest on his laurels and took this new unification with Frontiers to the next level, with the first solo release under the Bailey banner entitled ‘Long Way Down’.

With the album under the Bailey surname and not full on Nigel Bailey, this marks a mutual respect between all those involved on the release, Mario Percudani: Electric, Acoustic and Slide Guitars, Alessandro Mori: Drums, Keyboards by Alessandro Del Vecchio, with additional backing vocals by Andy Bailey and Alessandro Del Vecchio.

The album opens up with a blaze of keyboard and guitars in typical Bailey style of the Three Lions album, but the guitars have a more dirty hard rock edged on ‘Feed The Flames’, that gives it that familiar British Hard Rock sound.  This harder edged theme continues with the excellent ‘In The Name Of The King’, which takes a step sidewards from the sound we heard of Three Lions, which all goes to help make this album sound like the solo album it was meant to be.  Just because of its diverse elements, this is album will have the listener ever on their toes.

Next up it’s the rocking ‘Dirty Little Secret’, where Bailey explores that AOR vibe but embroils a little more grittier guitar sound into.  The mix again is very reminiscent of the classic British Hard Rock sound we all grew up on.

As is said before this is a very diverse release as Bailey brings in some modern-day rock sounds on the excellent ‘Bad Reputation’.  This one has a funky edge that will appeal the listeners of Black Country Communion in parts.

It's back to the more hard edged stylings with ‘Stay’, a song that has a little Thin Lizzy in its roots for me.  Then it's pure AOR courtesy of ‘Somewhere in Oslo’, before the title track ‘Long Way Down’, again taking that sidewards step and bringing a little more heat into the mix once more, as it delivers both that modern rock edge intertwined with enough nostalgic parts to keep the old school hooked.

'Spend the Night' is the obligatory ballad of the album, as Bailey shows his mellow side while at the same time still keeping to the format of the album.  Then it's back to the rockier side of things with ‘Love Falls Down’ and 'Ticket To Yesterday’, two songs that wouldn’t have been amiss on the Three Lions album. 

The album closes on one of my favourites of the album ‘Dirty Angel’, this is hard rocking at its very best.  A real barnstormer to close off a great album that has so many different influences.  It's one of those albums that is hard to pigeonhole and for this reason will have mass appeal to all lovers of great hard rock.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Feed The Flames 
2. In The Name Of The King
3. Dirty Little Secret
4. Bad Reputation  
5. Stay
6.Somewhere In Oslo 
7. Long Way Down
8. Spend The Night 
9. Love Falls Down 
10. Ticket To Yesterday 
11. Dirty Angel 


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