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Band: Big Foot

Title: The Other Side Of Paradise

Label: Independent Release

Last year at Rocksector Records annual S.O.S. festival, one band made an instant impression on many that day, that band was Wigan’s Big Foot. The band impressed us even more when we found out they’d only been formed a few months before hitting stage at Radcliffe Civic Hall.

It was a chance encounter with organiser Mark that the band were set to conquer the S.O.S. stage.  Mark was so impressed with these guys at a recent show in Manchester, that he knew these guy would be perfect for S.O.S.

Now the band have released their debut EP 'The Other Side Of Paradise'.  A heady mix of influences have gone into the bands sound, the diverse range stretches from The Eagles to Pantera, and the resulting sound is just pure ROCK.

This four track EP I feel is just the start for these guys, as it opens up with 'Tie Me Down’.  Instantly the groove filled hard rocking comes at you like a express train to Rock, stopping at all stations Groove, Hooks, Licks and all points in-between.

Headed by Antony Ellis who packs a real punch on vocals, aided by the twin guitars of Sam Millar and Mick McCullagh.  Every good rock band needs a solid rhythm section and Big Foot have a monster pairing in Matt Avery on bass and Tom Aspinall on drums, and together this quintet just rock with the a capital R.

The groove filled Hard Rock continues with the excellent ‘Bitch Killer’, a real energetic rocker that will have your foot tapping from the opening bars.  This is rock with a swagger and one of my favourite tracks off the EP.  Old school with a modern twist.

Next up it's ‘Come Down My Way’, this is where the band slow it down a bit.  This one really gives us a chance to hear Ellis’s vocals as they open up accompanied by just an acoustic guitar, before the drums and electric guitars take things to the next level.  This one reminds me very much of early Thunder.

Things close with the title track ‘The Other Side Of Paradise’, a real barnstormer to close things up.  This one has all the elements of the previous three trans rolled into one, big licks, huge bass lines, powerful drums and the icing on the cake a powerhouse vocal.

Believe me with songs like these it won't be long before these guys are signed and making big waves in this business, because bands this good don’t come around too often, and these guys deserve a punt at the big time. 

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Tie Me Down 
2. Bitch Killer 
3. Come Down My Way 
4. The Other Side Of Paradise 


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