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Band: Black Whiskey

Title: Heavy Train

Label: Rocksector Records

'Heavy Train' is the debut album from UK hard rockers Black Whiskey, fronted by former Xentrix and Hellfighter vocalist Simon Gordon, who along with Kev Ingles (3 State Blues and Weapon) guitars, Mark Parkin bass and Rich Banister (Nakedium) drums, aim to bring Classic Hard Rock back the masses with the monstrous album ‘Heavy Train’.

The album gets underway with the hard hitting rocker ‘Idol Rich’, a track right out of the NWOBHM era but with a modern edginess that makes it a great opener and sets out the bands intentions to rock your world from the off.

It's time for some Bluesy Hard Rock with the storming ‘All Seeing Eye’, before the hard hitting edginess returns with the Bad Company infused ‘The Devil Rides’.  Next up we have the bad-ass bass laden rocker ‘Stone Cold Comfort’ which really shows the band at their modern hard rocking best.

The band carry on bringing that Classic Rock sound bang up to date with the excellent ‘Hungry For Bullets’, which is definitely one of the highlights of the album for me.  There’s enough of that Classic Rock vibe to keep the older rockers interested, but enough of a modern edge to draw in the younger rock fans as well.

‘Save My Life’ sees the band bring back that Heavy Blues feel to the mix, before taking it up a gear and rocking up a veritable tsunami of Hard Rock with the stunning ‘The Coming Storm’.

The title track ‘Heavy Train’ is the band with a full head of steam, as they stop at stations Hard-hitting Blues and Classic Rock in one thunderous mix that just ROCKS! Enough said.

There is an air of 70’s funky rock about ‘Tie It Down’ that just wants you dig out those flared jeans and strut your funky stuff, before the album is wrapped up in style with another great dose of modern edged Classic Rock in ‘Can't Kill The Fire’.  This is good time rock n' roll that you can really get your teeth into, so grab yourself a ticket and take a snort of Black Whiskey because it is time to ride the 'Heavy Train'.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Idol Rich 
2. All Seeing Eye
3. Stone Cold Comfort 
4. Hungry For Bullets 
5. Save My Life 
6. The Coming Storm 
7. Heavy Train 
8. Tie Me Down 
9. Can't Kill The Fire    


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