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Band: Cains Offering

Title: Stormcrow

Label: Frontiers Records

The supergroup moniker has become a modern rock staple but one band that sure lives up to the moniker is Cain’s Offering as members of Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Rising Force, Dio, My Grain and Silent Forces come together for 'Stormcrow', the much anticipated second album and follow up to critically acclaimed ‘Gather The Faithful'.

Fans of the debut know what to expect from the band, but for those unfamiliar with the brainchild of Jani Limatainen, Cain’s Offering are a no holds barred Symphonic Power Metal, that will just blow you away.

The album opens up in true Cain’s Offering style with the massive title track ‘Stormcrow’, led by the vocal might that is Timo Kotipelto and the powerhouse rhythm section of Jani Hurala on drums and Jones Kuhlberg on bass, the soaring guitars of Limatainen, with the icing on the power metal cake being the keyboards of Jens Johansson.  A true monster opener that sets the listener up for the Power Metal ride of their lives.

This superb album continues its epic Power Metal journey with the storming ‘The Best Of Times’, before the tempo is brought down a notch or two with ‘A Night to Forget’, which really brings out the best is Kotipelto’s vocals.  A song that just evolves into a towering anthem that leads into the rampaging Power Metal that is ‘I Will Build You A Rome’.

Then it's back to the more Symphonic balladesque tones with the excellent ‘’Too Tired To Run’, before putting petal to the metal once more with ‘Constellation of Tears’.  Another rampaging guitar and keyboard driven masterpiece, all interwoven with a double-kick assault courtesy of Hurala.

There is a touch of the Neo-Classical about ‘Antemortem’, before returning to the more traditional Power Metal attack with ‘My Heart Beats for No One’.  Then it's all switch again as the band bring a touch of Film-Score Metal to the mix with the amazing ‘I Am Legion’, a track that just has to be heard to be believed.  A truly magnificent instrumental piece that is simply too good for words.

It's back to the towering vocals of Kotipelto for ‘Rising Sun’, before the album closes with another mellower slice of Metal with ‘On The Shore’, which wraps up another great album from the cream of the Scandinavian metal scene.  It may have been some six years in the making, but the wait is more than worth it.  This is Symphonic Power Metal done at its very, very best.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Stormcrow  
2. The Best Of Times 
3. A Night To Forget 
4. I Will Build You Rome 
5. Too Tired To Run 
6. Constellation Of Tears 
7. Antemortem
8. My Heart Beats For No One 
9. I Am Legion 
10. Rising Sun 
11. On The Shore


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