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Band: Captain Horizon

Title: Imitation Sun

Label: Rocksector Records

In a world where musical genres define bands more than anyone actually hearing the music before making an opinion, one band from Birmingham gives the big middle finger to convention and that band is Captain Horizon.

The band refuse to be pigeon-holed into one genre or another, in the words of guitarist Josh Watson ... "We're not a metal band, not an indie band, not a rock band, or a punk band either. We write energetic music with guitars, drums and passionate vocals’’...

And that philosophy is never more felt with the band latest album 'Imitation Sun'.  The band seamlessly mix modern rock and classic undertones with progressive touches, in a tight knit package that takes up where their debut album 'The Lights Of Distorted Science’ left off.

The soaring guitars and atmospheric feel of the album is only topped by the vocals of Steve Whittington, as the albums opener and single ‘Can’t You See What I’ve Become’ really shows how the band have prog-ressed since their debut.  There is depth with the songs taking on those prog elements, as well as a modern down-tuned guitar sound, if Rush and The Edge came together, their collaboration would be the likes of this opener.

‘The Sword’ brings in that same guitar sound, only this time there's a less progressive element to the track, before one of the tracks of the album the excellent ‘The Dark’, a moody mid-tempo slab of magnificence that really stands out from the pack.

There is a switch in style with the twangy guitar fused 'It Matters To You’, with a massive vocal from Whittington mid-track that really makes this one.

The tempo is brought back up with the riff laden ‘Ready For The Fall’, which takes us back to the prog edge once more with title track ‘Imitation Sun’, which in turn brings to the mood driven ‘Comforting’, before its up temp all the way with ‘Silence of Vera’.

‘My Town’ is another standout track from the album, where Whittington is on top form, as is guitarist Josh Watson, who deserves a shout out at this point, as those driven licks dominate this song, before the album closes with another slice of modern edged prog with Work Out Right’, which rounds off one of the most interesting albums of 2015 so far.  If you're looking for a band that defies convention and are on the cusp of great things, then Captain Horizon could very well be the band you’ve been looking for.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Can't You See What I've Become 
2. Sword 
3. The Dark 
4. It Matters To You 
5. Ready For The Fall 
6. Imitation Sun 
7. Comforting 
8. Silence Of Vera 
9. My Town 
10. Work Out Right 


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