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Band: Care Of Night

Title: Connected

Label: AOR Heaven

What is it going to take for the Rock Radio Stations in this country to pick up on the really great albums, from the not-so-well-known bands, to give them a chance of being noticed instead of sticking with the same old boring formula of plying the listeners with the same old songs day in, day out? In an ideal world, radio and TV would have programmes that showcased the up and coming bands and their music, instead of letting them pass us by, but hey, one can only dream of the time that becomes a reality, so God bless on-line rock shows like The Rock Vows and the like!

One album that deserves to get some attention is 'Connected' by Swedish melodic band Care Of Night, and if you haven't heard of them, do something about it, sharpish, as this is top drawer stuff.  The band formed after the breakup of the Swedish Heavy Metal band Seven Tears in 2009, though 3 members decided that they wanted to carry on playing music, and after a couple of line-up changes over the years, the settled formation of Care Of Night began their journey together. First up came a 4-track, self-titled EP that was well-received by the Melodic/AOR fraternity, before they signed a deal with AOR Heaven to release this, their debut album.

You can tell straight from the grandiose opener, 'Cassandra' that this is going to be special, but beware, before the following 'Heart Belongs' starts, take a deep breath, as this gallops along with such pace that even the late, great Red Rum wouldn't be able to keep up! Immediately you're taken at how good a singer Calle Schonberg is, highlighted no better than on the hi-tec melodic 'Those Words', where his voice rises and falls without the hint of a struggle. Kristofer von Wachenfeldt comes into his own on the glorious ballad 'Dividing Lines', his spine-tingling keyboards aided by the heartfelt vocals and some soaring solos on guitar by Jonathan Carlemar, even the sax makes an entrance now and then, which makes a change on a rock record!

The other ballad that gets an airing is 'Say You Will', and is ... well....all based round the acoustic style of Extreme's 'More Than Words' with some floaty keys sneaking in and out with the harmonies in tandem. 'Nuff said!! Back on the up-tempo section, and 'Say A Prayer' skips along on a wave of rimmed-drumming ( Linus Svensson ) and a chirpy bass-line ( Jonas Rosengren ),  followed  up by the harder-edged 'Contact', Carlemar's solo once again tearing it up mid way, before THAT sax makes another entrance to finish off! The band 'blues it up' a touch on 'Please Remember', though they don't quite lose that Scandinavian touch due to those eclectic keyboards, and they do head off into 80's Heart-land on 'Unify', a powerful mid-pacer led by Wachenfeldt once more.

'Give Me Strength' is definitely a showcase for Schonberg's vocals, as his tones veer from high to low in the blink of an eye, and not even the best of riffs from Carlemar can outdo them this time, which you really don't want in this case! A big 'Well Done' should also go to Erik and Anders Wigelius (of Wigelius fame!) for their production on this album, as the quality of the songs and how they've come out are exceptional on 'Connected', (especially 'Dividing Lines!), and as mentioned earlier, this surely deserves to get an airing by someone, somewhere, with the balls to stand up for what could very easily (and quite wrongly!) be classed as the underdog within the rock music business these days. 'NUFF SAID!  

Review by: Robb Baldwin



1. Cassandra 
2. Heart Belongs 
3. Those Words 
4. Dividing Lines 
5. Say A Prayer 
6. Contact 
7. Please Remember
8. Unify 
9. Give Me Strength 
10. Say You Will 


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