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Band: Cats In Space

Title: Too Many Gods

Label: Harmony Factory / Cargo Records


Cats in Space isn’t the latest from the Muppets, no this a new six piece who are bringing that pomp rock of the late 70’s and early 80’s crashing back to earth in 2015 with their debut release 'Too Many Gods’.

The band are Greg Hart, Paul Manzi, Steevi Bacon, Dean Howard, Jeff Brown and Andy Steward and with guest artists Mick Wilson, Andy Scott, Janey Bombshell, Greg Camburn and Mike Moran, they are bringing the spirit of bands like E.L.O., Cheap Trick and 10cc back but with a modern spin on it.

The album kicks off with the intro 'Arrival' and arrive the band do, as the album opens proper with the title track ‘Too Many Gods’ and instantly you're thrown back to simpler time when Rock music was just Rock music, no mass genre and sub-genres, just great melody rich music.  When you listen to this one you automatically think of Jeff Lynne, as it has that sonic E.L.O. edge about it.

The same electro rock feel is continue with ‘Stop’, again heaven to the ears and joy to the soul.  The heavy piano keyboard of ‘Last Man Standing’ has more groove than the LP’s of that era, a real foot-tapper.

The album continues in a similar vein with the wonderful 'Mr Heartache', with that big E.L.O. vibe running through this one.  There is an air of 80’s AOR with the excellent ‘Unfinished Symphony’, a real classy track that will have the die hard Melodic Rock fans in raptures, as with the semi-acoustic tones of ‘Schoolyard Fantasy’, as the AOR carries on.

It's back to the piano keyboard for the wonderful ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’, this one features Mick Wilson on vocals.  This song starts off as ballad like, but soon picks up and turns into a full blooded slab of melodic rock that ebbs and flows between the two styles for seven wonderful minutes.

One of the highlights of the album has be the superb ‘Only In Vegas’, a great mid-tempo rocker that again could have been penned by Mr Lynne himself, as could the haunting ‘Man In The Moon’, especially the electro vocal parts.  Mick Wilson takes up the mike again for this one.

The band rip it up on 'Five Minute Celebrity' as they bring a touch of the Tommy era The Who to the mix.  A real barnstormer that just rocks out from start to finish.

The album closes with the gentle ballad ‘Velvet Horizon’, which wraps up what has to be THE surprise album of 2015.  This is one hell of a nostalgia trip that you just wont want to end, glorious stuff!

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Arrival
2. Too Many Gods 
3. Stop 
4. Last Man Standing  
5. Mr Heartache 
6. Unfinished Symphony
7. Schoolyard Fantasy
8. The Greatest Story Never Told 
9. Only In Vegas 
10. Man In The Moon
11. Five-Minute Celebrity
12. Velvet Horizon 


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