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Band: Chris Appleton

Title: Restless

Label: Rocksector Records

'Restless' is the long awaited solo album from Absolva’s Chris Appleton, I say long awaited because Chris has been the spearhead of UK Metallers Fury UK and Absolva for a good few years now, and has mesmerized fans with his amazing guitar skills, lighting up the fret-board like no other.

Joining Chris on the this album is brother Luke Appleton (Iced Earth) and Wizz Wizzard (Wizz Wizzard), with Wizz providing additional vocals and brother Luke not only penning songs, but also adding orchestration and additional guitars.  The result is a semi-acoustic wonderland of haunting melodies and balladry that will stir even the darkest soul.

Opening up the album is the wonderful ‘Seafarer’ with its folkish elements that might surprise Chris’s Metal fans, but the whole point of a solo album is to take a step side-wards and surprise the listener, and Chris does this and does it well with this release.

Next up it’s the excellent ‘Crazyhead’, this is where Chris shows his bluesy side to great effect, before the first single off the album, the haunting ‘No Tomorrow’, where Chris unites acoustic guitar and Metal with ease.

‘How Will I Feel When You’re Gone’ is first to feature brother Luke on guitars.  The brothers really bring that balladry to the forefront with this one, this is a heartfelt tune that shows Chris’s more mellower side.  Yes the guy can shred like a b**tard, but put an acoustic guitar in his hand and he can pull at even the hardest heart strings.

The title track ‘Restless’ shows Chris at his frenzied best, as he whips the acoustic into overdrive on this instrumental masterclass.  Then it's back to the vocal infused acoustics with the wonderful acoustic version of Absolva’s ‘Only When It's Over’.

Next up another re-working, this time it’s Fury UK’s ‘I See Red’ is given the un-plugged treatment.  This one is broken down to it's bare bones and I must admit sounds simply stunning.  Next up it's time to really think out of the acoustic envelope with the evocative ‘Wonders of The World’, only this time its Wizz laying down the vocals on this one, with the orchestration’s provided by brother Luke, which adds a certain mystical element to proceedings.

The album is rounded off with Chris’s reworking of the Ozzy classic ‘Mama I’m Coming Home’, which is just a great version and rounds off a great album from one of the UK’s most underrated and hard working guitarists around.

Review by: Barry McMinn


1. Seafarer  
2. Crazyhead
3. No Tomorrow 
4. How Will I Feel When You're Gone 
5. Restless
6. Only When It's Over  
7. I See Red
8. Wonders Of The World 
9. Mama I'm Coming Home  


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