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Band: City Of Thieves

Title: Incinerator

Label: Townsend Records / Monster Box

'Incinerator' is the debut EP from the UK’s City of Thieves, a hard rock band based in the capital, who's no-nonsense approach to Hard Rock has made many sit up and take notice.

The band have worked with Toby Jepson (Little Angels) on production side, with Mike Fraser handling the mix and the pair have really brought out the raw energy of the quartet with this EP.

The band are Jamie Lailey on bass and vocals, Ben Austwick and Adam Wardle on guitars and on the drum stool Will Richards together they aren’t re-inventing the wheel they are just delivering feel good rock n roll, no frills. just thrills.

As the EP gets underway with the title track ‘Incinerator’, a rip snorting start that just kicks-ass no matter how you dress it up.  This is high octane rock with an infectious stoner groove.

But this band aren’t all about a heady bass line, they deliver some edgy guitar licks and ‘Buzzed Up City’ is a prime example of this.  This one starts from humble beginnings but just builds into a riff fest.  Yes it may have that AC/DC standard guitars sound, but this didn’t stop the likes of Krokus, as this one has that same raw edge the Swiss rockers delivered.

The no-nonsense riffing continues with ‘Lay Me To Waste’, with a heavy edge to the guitar sound this time around, which shows the band aren’t a one trick pony.  This one chugs along with more groove than is legally allowed.

The driven guitars come streaming back on the massive lick monster ‘Here Comes The Shot’, before the closer ‘Mr 50 / 50', a live acoustic track to end the proceedings.  This one has a bluesy edge and again shows the versatility of the quartet.  I can't wait to see what a full album has to offer.  

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Incinerator 
2. Buzzed Up City 
3. Lay Me To Waste 
4. Here Comes The Shot
5. Mr 50 / 50 (live acoustic) 


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