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Band: Dawn Of Destiny

Title: To Hell

Label: Phonotraxx Publishing


'To Hell' is the sixth studio album from German Power Metallers Dawn of Destiny, led by the vocal might of Jeanette Scherff, who is aided by the powerhouse rhythm section of Jens Faber on bass, Philipp Bock on drums and the keyboard wizardry of Dirk Rackiewicz.  The more astute of you might have noticed with lack of a guitarist, this is due to the recent departure of Veith Offenbacher, who has now been replaced by Felix Rodermund.

So on to the album itself.  The band have really taken the bull by the horns with this release and produce a multi-faceted concept album based around the exciting story deals with a young couple on their honeymoon. The two are faced in mysterious ways with the past of the bride. A strange tattoo, a supposedly in a fire perished daughter and a certain note, that turns out to be a threatening one, are just a few details to be stretched the threads of the story that finally return to come together.

From the off its clear the Bochum band have set about taking their sound to the next level, as they bring in elements of Folk and traditional metal together for this release  A combination that may not be a new venture, but one that is often done either really poorly, or really well, and thankfully 'To Hell' is the latter.

The album has an intensity that is let loose by driving riffs and a powerful rhythm the opener ‘Hide Our Sorrow’, which starts off from humble beginnings, but soon the big licks, big bass lines and earth shattering drumming break out and all hell breaks loose, with Scherff bringing the beauty vocals to the angsty male beast, a now common staple by many bands of this genre.

The traditionalists with just love the fast paced ‘Fire’, an all-guns blazing attack on the senses, as Scherff really takes this one by the scruff of the neck and gives it her all.  This is Power Metal personified.

As I said at the start, this album is multifaceted and the band bring in a little Electro Folk Metal vibe with the excellent ‘From Paradise’, before they bring the heat big style with the superb title track ‘To Hell’.  Again there is an Metal edged Folk element to this song, but this time with a much bigger bass line running through it.  So much so it reminds me of Norway’s Triosphere.

The album takes another turn with as the band deliver the heaviest track so for the monstrous ‘Scream’, before turning things back down with the hauntingly dark tones of ‘Hateful Hearts’.  Then it's all guns blazing Power Metal once more with the massive ‘Burn In The Fire’.

It's all switch again as this roller-coaster of metal slows down just a touch with the dark Symphonic tones of ‘the seven minute epic 'Only the Ocean Knows’, before bringing back that Folk element once more with 'Light in the Night’, as Scherff once more plays beauty to an angsty gruff male beast vocal.

After the ferocity of 'Light in the Night’, we are brought back down to earth with the semi acoustic tones of the intro into ‘Destroy My World’.  A haunting melodic piece that for me is Scherff’s finest vocal.

The melodic metal continues with the excellent ‘Belief’ and the rocking 'Life’, the latter being one of my favourite tracks off the album.  'To Hell' closes with another dark slice of semi acoustic folk metal in ‘Forgive’.

As concept albums go, this one has something for all, no matter what your metal preferences 'To Hell' has a bit of everything, and is without a doubt the bands most impressive release to date.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Hide Our Sorrow 
2. Fire 
3. From Paradise 
4. To Hell 
5. Scream 
6. Hateful Heart 
7. Burn On The Fire
8. Only The Ocean Knows 
9. Light In The Night 
10. Then I Found You 
11. Destroy My World
12. Belief 
13. Life
14. Forgive


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