Album Reviews
Band: Michael Bormann

Title: Closer

Label: GerMusica

'Closer' is the long awaited fifth solo album from "The Voice of Germany" Mr Michael Bormann.  Much has been said about Bormann’s entrance onto the mainstream with his appearance TV show ‘The Voice Of Germany’ in 2014 with the Demi-Lovato song 'Warrior', but given the choice, what musician would want exposure to millions on mainstream TV and that’s exactly what Bormann did and raised awareness to an otherwise unknown singer, who might be known to the Melodic and Hard Rock fans in droves, but outside the small pond is bigger ocean and once and a while, when a chance to tip you toe into that ocean comes your way, you sometimes just have to take off you socks and shoes and take a dip.

So on to the new album, well as I said fans of the genre will know what great vocal talent Bormann is and once again with 'Closer' he shows his versatility with a mix of ballads, mid-tempo rockers and some pure all-out Rock n' Roll.

The album opens up with the latter with  ‘I’m Not Your Entertainment’, a real groove filled rocker that gets the album off to a great start.  The groovy rock continues with the excellent ‘Let's Make History’, a track that will have you dusting off your dancing shoes and strutting your funky stuff to this one.

The great rock continues with the great hard rocker ‘Never Say Die’, before bringing a touch of Southern Blues with ‘Can't Get A Touch Too Much’.  Such is the diversity of the album Bormann brings in a children’s choir for the mix of melodic rock and Gospel that is ‘Because We Are The World’.

The traditional melodic rock of ‘Living It Up’ showcases Bormann at his vocal best, as he takes fans back to his Jaded Heart days, before Bormann delivers one of my favourite tracks off the album, the upbeat rocker ‘I Wanna Be A Rock Star’.

‘For This One Time IN Life’ is another great melody rich mid-tempo rocker, that leads into the wonderful ballad and title track ‘Closer’.  Fans of the man knows this guy wears his heart on his sleeve when he sings a ballad and this one is no different.

It's back to the rock with excellent ‘Rich Men’s World’ and the modern rocker ‘Down To The Bottle’, before the album closes with what else, but the song that got him on The Voice Of Germany, the excellent ‘Warrior’, which rounds off what is without a doubt, Bormann’s greatest solo album to date.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. I'm Not Your Entertainment 
2. Let's Make History 
3. Never Say Die 
4. Can't Get A Touch Too Much 
5. Because We Are The World 
6. Living It Up 
7. I Wanna Be A Rock Star
8. For This One Time In Life 
9. Closer 
10. Rich Men's World 
11. Down To The Bottle
12. Warrior 


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