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Band: Sassy Society

Title: Lipstick Love Affair

Label: Independent Release


As an old school Hair Metal addict I'm just spinning a little Crue, Ratt, Poison and even rolling out some D’Molls to get my groove on too, and to day-dream about the heyday of The Sunset Strip, the hedonistic Whiskey-A-Go-Go, The Roxy the Rainbow, all the haunts of the 80’s glam era, and with Motley Crue announcing their final tour, it would seem that those days are long gone.

But fear not, it's not yet time to pack away your cowboy boots, dig out your leather pants and bandana’s as the cream of Hamburg Sassy Society, are keeping the Sunset vibe going with their brand new full length album ‘Lipstick Love Affair’, as Mark LeBosh, Robin Stardust, Aaron Cobra, John Joe and Alex Lizzy, bring Glam Rock kicking and screaming out to darkness and once more back into the light.

The album is pure kick-ass rock n' roll, as anyone who caught the bands debut EP will agree.  The band have taken those six tracks and built on them with 12 new sleaze driven rockers to listen to while you're downing your Jack n' Coke.

Thing's get off to a great start with the statement rocker ‘Don’t Mess With The Boys’, a gritty slab of sleaze that has more than its fair share of 'Appetite for Destruction' influence, but it’s the next track 'Sassy Time' that really starts to show that the band have a bit of substance about them.  This for me should have been the opener as this is where the EP left off for me.

The same can be said about the riff laden ‘Broken Baby’.  Yes the vocals have the Axel Rose vibe about them, but it’s the hard edged guitar sound that drives this one, and that big guitar sound carries on into the rocking ‘Red Light’, before the tempo is brought down just a touch with ‘Ashley’, which leads nicely into the ballad ‘Down The Road’, the bands 'Every Rose'...

The tempo is brought right back up with the funky sleazy bluesy feel of ‘True Love’, again featuring a touch of the Axel’s about the vocals on this one, although my favourite track off the album has to be the title track ‘Lipstick Love Affair’, this is modern sleazy rock at it's very best.

There is a short interlude with the piano fuelled ‘Prelude’, which leads up to ‘Black Roses’, a darker more moody slab of sleaze, before another of my favourite tracks off the album, the rocking ‘Game I Play’.  Sadly all good things must come to an end and the album closes out with the anthemic ‘Can't Control Rock n' Roll’, a slow burner that just builds into a cacophonic wall of tuned down guitars, pounding bass lines and rip snorting drums, all good stuff to wrap up what is a decent enough debut.  I’d like to see a bigger production for album number two, I’d also I like to see what these guys are like live because I think for this quintet, it's going to be all about rocking it live.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Don't Mess With The Boys 
2. Sassy Time 
3. Broken Baby 
4. Red Light 
5. Ashley 
6. Down The Road 
7. True Love
8. Lipstick Love Affair 
9. Prelude 
10. Black Roses
11. Game I Play
12. Can't Control Rock N' Roll 


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