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Band: Secret of Boris

Title: Your Ghost

Label: Cabo Records

So where did or how did this band come about getting their name? And how on earth did they manage to get 3 members of this 4 piece to be named Ryan?? I'd of loved to see any advert that was put up. 'Wanted. Keen musicians to form modern rock band. MUST be named Ryan. Weird ideas for band name a bonus'!! Can you imagine the first meeting! Poor vocalist Cameron Taylor must've felt slightly left out when Messrs Ryan Byrd, Ragus and Arthur turned up. Luckily they all hit it off and formed Secret Of Boris, as this debut album of theirs certainly gets it's claws into you, and it's no wonder it has already received favourable reviews from the critics. On first listen, it is quite a dark and intense album, the tone set by the pounding opener 'Virus',  a modern sounding hard rocker (think Volbeat) that has Taylor coming across sort of angry as he bellows out the vocals amid some raging rifferage from Byrd.

Continuing on the  eyebrow-raising song titled theme, 'Desert Blood' cuts a mean 'n nasty furrow with it's thought provoking lyrics and gutteral vocals mid way through, so not for those with a nervous disposition here, then a harder-edged Shinedown element comes about on 'What You Became', the aggressive rifferage dominant here, letting up only when the emotive keys and vocals kick in, but not for long as a snappy drum rhythm plonks the track back on course to it's original theme. 'Lost In a Daze and 'Retro' both follow on in that Shinedown mode, melodic metal (?) hooks with ass-biting six-stringed riffs, but be prepared to be instantly drawn to the atmospheric radio-friendly duo ''Fall Down', loaded to the hilt with what can only be keyboard heaven, and 'Something Else', where the plinky-plonk Devo-alike keys  pop in and out at will,' which help take the hard edge away.

Not for the first time, you're taken into a false sense of melodic pop/rock territory via the intro to 'The Difference', it's Trance effect quite appealing and not off-putting as it floats around the track eerily, though on the passionately powerful 'What Have You Done' they are almost lost, but, and it's a big but, in pops the accordion for a 'whoa, whoa, whoa!!' turn of events! Now that's how you catch someone's attention during a rock song if there was any way of doing it!! The album still holds onto it's hard rock core though, 'The Watcher' led on by the staggered rhythm on drums by Arthur, Ragus' bass brain-shaking, and Byrd's guitar work ethereal in parts (all called Ryan!), and if you're familiar with the band, you'd feel like you're listening to Spacehog as 'From Now On' seems to take a leaf out of the 90's British band song styling, especially the keyboards ('Zeroes' anyone?).  Haunting, yeah, haunting, that's the way to describe the aptly named final and title track, 'Your Ghost', and it's firmly down to those darn keys again, very cold and church-like in parts, the rest quite Gary Numan from his early days, the whole tone very solemn from start to finish, on the verge of being slightly over-dragged out to be honest.

As described by Robert Miguel, 'this album is like being turned on to stuff you've never heard with the comfortable familiarity of stuff you've heard a million times', which I totally agree with that statement, it is a modern, at this moment in rock music type of album, and if you get the chance to listen to it, you'll probably nod and say the same.  

Review by: Robb Baldwin



1. Virus 
2. Desert Blood 
3. What You Became 
4. Lost In A Daze 
5. Retro 
6. Fall Down 
7. Something Else
8. The Difference 
9. The Watcher 
10. What Have You Done  
11. From Now On
12. Your Ghost


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