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Band: Serious Black

Title: As Daylight Breaks

Label: AFM Records


Serious Black in a new band that bring together a wealth of talent from the World Of Metal, (not to be mistaken with Sirius Black of Harry Potter fame), it all happened back on the 23rd of August in Spain when Roland Grapow and Mario Lochert met over a beverage of two backstage.  Mario had this idea of bringing together six musical masterminds to form a band and so the seed was sown.

Bringing in Thomen Stauch, Jan Vacik, and Dominik Sebastian and uniting them in Dreamsound Studios in early 2014, the five set about songwriting and in seven days the quintet had written eight rough ideas, but without a voice to carry the ideas forward, the band was on standby.  However, after a few emails and sample going out to Urban Breed, the US based Swede was in and those seeds grew.  The fruit of that union is the superb debut 'As Daylight Breaks'. 

So another super-group was born and with the sum of the parts being surpassed as this hexad of Metal's finest deliver a monstrous slab of Melodic Metal.

The album opens up with ‘I Seek No Other Life’ and from the off it's heads-down guitar fuelled Metal.  Would you expect less from the six protagonists? I think not.  Breed is the perfect foil for this style of rampaging metal, while Grapow and Sebastian are no strangers to full on guitar riffs, while the thrust of power from Stauch and Lochert and the soaring keys of Vacik bring it all together.

Speaking of the powerful rhythm section and the keyboard splendour, this trio really bring the heat on the superb ‘High and Low’, one of the best Melodic Metal tracks I’ve heard this year.

The album continues to impress as the no nonsense slabs of molten Metal keep coming with the sublime ‘Sealing My Fate’, the almost Symphonic wonderment that is the Egyptian inspired ‘Temple Of The Sun’, you can almost smell the Nile on this song, which leads nicely into the ‘Akhenaton’, which I think should be spelt Akhenaten after the Pharaoh not the French rapper!

The powerful driven rhythm section once more takes to forefront on the excellent ‘My Mystic Mind’, but if you're wanting some juicy big licks then check out ‘Trail of Murder’, this is where Grapow and Sebastian shine.

To be honest there isn’t a bad track on the album even the mellow tones of title track ‘As Daylight Breaks’ bring, out the best in Breed.  From here on in it's Metal all the way, with the riff-spewn ‘Setting Fire To The Earth’ and 'Listen To The Storm’, before the album closes with another blaze of glory with ‘Older And Wiser’.  Even though 2015 is in its infancy, you’ll be hard pushed not to include this album as one of the best Melodic Metal albums of the year.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. I Seek No Other Life 
2. High And Low 
3. Sealing My Fate   
4. Temple Of The Sun
5. Akhenaton 
6. My Mystic Mind
7. Trail Of Murder 
8. As Daylight Breaks 
9. Setting Fire To The Earth 
10. Listen To The Storm
11. Older And Wiser 


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