Album Reviews
Band: Starsick System

Title: Daydreamin'

Label: Bakerteam Records

Starsick System are the brainchild of vocalist and guitarist Marco Sandron (Pathosray, Eden’s Curse, Fairyland, etc), bassist Valeria Battain and lead guitarist David Donati (both known in Syrayde).  The band bring a breath of fresh air to the rock scene with a sound that mixes bands like Alter Bridge, Papa Roach, Sixx AM and Shinedown, with a melodic edge that surely will raise the bar for modern hard rock bands.

The album's blistering mix is modern and classic and really gets the heart pumping as the first track ‘Start Again’ bursts into life.  This is a bass driven rock extravaganza that is dirty and mean from the off, with Sandron unleashing a mighty vocal assault, while Donati unleashes those equally impress modern heady licks.  The heads-down no-nonsense rocking continues at break-neck speed with the fantastic ‘Spit It Out’, which is another massive slab of modern rock track from the Italians.

The big licks continue in abundance on the gritty rocker ‘Believe’, before the tempo does slow down for a moment with the darkly melodic, almost stoner, bass driven ‘Tomorrow’, with Sandron more than delivering the goods again. 

'Interlude' is just that.  It's a real curve ball mid-album.  It's electro-punk tones act as intro into the massive ‘Pull The Trigger’, which is modern rock at its finest.  A real towering guitar driven track with more edge than a box full of switchblades.

The band switch things up a bit with the almost Country infused rocker ‘Don’t Fly Away’, before switching back to the ballsy hard rock with the storming ‘Let It Go’.  This is raw and edgy while still remaining melodic.  A real tour-de-force and one of my favourite tracks off the album, before the tempo is picked up big style with another storming rocker ‘Last Goodbye’, with its boogie-woogie swagger.

The tempo does slow down to balladesque pace with the superb ‘Strong’, a track that features Alessandro Del Vecchio on Grand Piano, as Sandron unwraps his heart and throws it out to the world on this one.

It's back up to ramming speed with 'Back In Time', a track that starts off slowly, but soon builds into a hard-rocking monster, then it's time to close the album and the band do this in style with the title track ‘Daydreamin’.  A track that melts between folkish rock to modern hard rock with such ease, it's like a river of molten modern rock that rounds off one of the best debut albums of the year so far.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Start Again
2.  Spit It Out
3.  Believe
4.  Tomorrow
5.  Interlude
6.  Pull The Trigger
7.  Don't Fly Away
8.  Let It Go
9.  Last Goodbye
10.  Strong 
11. Back In Time
12. Daydreamin'


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