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Band: Talon

Title: Fourplay

Label: Escape Music


'Fourplay' is the much-anticipated fourth release from Californian Hard Rockers Talon, with three very different albums, with three different vocalists under their belts.  Album number four sees the band return to hard edged rock of their self-titled debut release, a taste of which we found in places on the third album ‘III’.

But the real attention for this new album should be the return of Michael O’Mara to the band as lead vocalist, taking the place of Shawn Pelata and joining stalwarts Kory Voxen, Jim Kee, Phill Kee and John Parker on what is the definite return of Talon.  This is a band that so impressed many when the played the Gods Festival.  This Talon with its claws sharpened and ready to rock.

The album gets underway with a sheer ball of rock entitled ‘Spun’, a real taste of what Talon are all about and fans of their debut album will automatically say this the band coming back to their roots and delivering good, honest, riff laden Hard Rock.

Things continue on the Hard Rock path with the excellent ‘Sin City Sister’, a really ballsy rocker that has more edge than a bucket full of razors, with the twin guitars of Voxen and Kee bringing in a touch of that 80’s riff laden rock that made this genre what it is.

There is a tip to sleaze driven 80’s once more with the wonderful ‘Holly Would’, then it's time for one of the highlights of the album, the excellent ‘Set Me Free’.  This is Talon and O’Mara at their very, very best.

The band show their mellower side with the ballad ‘Tonight’, again O’Mara shows what has been missing from the band since the debut.  An almost flawless vocal that really showcases the talent of the man behind the mike.

Its all systems go with the raunchy riff filled ‘It’s a Fine Line Between Love and Lust’ and harder edged ‘Evil’, with the latter letting Voxen and Kee really burn up the fret-board.

‘I Don’t Wanna Cry’ brings a little AOR inspired rock into the mix, before the big licks come streaming back with the excellent dirty rock of ‘Love Is Like A Drug To Me’ and the powerful rich melody of ‘Raise ‘Em High’.

But it’s the hard rocking elements of this album that really hit the mark and the album closes with two monsters.  First up it's ‘Hole In My Head’, another great big slab of guitar laden Hard Rock, then the album closer is pure ear-candy, ‘There Ain’t Nothin’ In The World Like A Rockin’ Band’, which is a semi-acoustic masterstroke that just builds from acoustic to full on electric with such ease, you can't even see the join.  This wraps up what is without a doubt the bands best release to date. 

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Spun  
2. Sin City Sister 
3. Holly Would  
4. Set Me Free
5. Tonight 
6. It's A Fine Line Between Love And Lust
7. Evil 
8. I Don't Wanna Cry 
9. Love Is Like A Drug To Me 
10. Raise 'Em High 
11. Hole In My Head
12. There Ain't Nothin' In The World Like A Rockin' Band 


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