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Band: Trixter

Title: Human Era

Label: Frontiers Records

Well June is turning out to be one hell of month for Hard Rock with new albums out from House of Lords and Beauvoir/ Free, all under the Frontiers Records banner.  Another band to add to that list is Trixter, who return with the follow up the their stunning comeback album ‘New Audio Machine’.

Once again the band have taken their 25 years experience in the business to bring an album that kicks serious rock n' roll ass from the off, as it takes up exactly where 'New Audio Machine' left off.

The New Jersey rockers get things underway with the aptly titled  'Rockin’ To The Edge Of The Night’, an all guns blazing modern slice of Melodic Hard Rock, that has that air of nostalgia to win over the die-hard fans of genre, but with enough of a kick-ass groove to also win over a younger crowd.

The big tunes keep coming as the album continues with the punchy rocker ‘Crash The Party’, which is very 90’s fuelled but with a modern swagger that the Swedish bands of the genre have been producing in recent years.  It's nice to see a band from the across the pond bringing this sound out of the States and making their own stamp on the genre.

'Not Like All The Rest' keeps the good time rock going.  This one has a Sunset Strip vibe about it, before things go into overdrive with the excellent ‘For You’, an all guns blazing riff drives this one for sure.  There is a touch of early Bon Jovi about ‘Every Second Counts’, especially from the vocals of Pete Loran.

The tempo is brought down for a moment with the ballad ‘Beat Me Up’ and the almost Country feel around ‘Good Times Now’, both songs wouldn’t have been amiss in the heyday of the genre and are a salute to the bands roots.

The modern edgy rock in back with the excellent ‘Midnight In Your Eyes’, before the hard rocking comes storming back with the thumping ‘All Night Long’ and ‘Soul Of A Lovin’ Man’, although if I had to pick the one track that shows what 2015’s Trixter is all about, it would have to be the closer and title track ‘Human Era’.  This has it all, driving guitars and a superb vocal, this is Melodic Hard Rock at it's very best.  A great way to end another great album and once again shows that bands like Trixter still have a lot to give this genre and they are willing to evolve even after all these years.  To sum up, if you loved 'New Audio Machine', then you’re definitely going to love ‘Human Era’.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. Rocin' To The Edge Of The Night 
2. Crash That Party 
3. Not Like All The Rest 
4. For You 
5. Every Second Counts 
6. Beats Me Up 
7. Good Times Now 
8. Midnight In Your Eyes 
9. All Night Long 
10. Soul Of A Lovin' Man 
11. Human Era 


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