Album Reviews
Band: 7HY

Title: The Stories We Tell

Label: Lions Pride Music

The Stories We Tell is the new album from 7HY (Seven Hard Years), a band formed by former Shy drummer Alan Kelly (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, backing vocals), along with Shawn Pelata (lead and backing vocals) and follows their 2014 opus ‘No Place In Heaven’.

Be warned 7HY is no SHY clone, this is Kelly finding his own sound taking up where their 2014 album ‘No Place In Heaven’ left off.  With Pelata at his vocal best he and Kelly, along with guest musicians have put together a quite outstanding album.  From the opener ‘I’ll Survive’, the alchemy between Kelly’s musicianship and Pelata’s vocals is there for all to hear.  This great opening rocker really takes the listener by the throat and shakes their very foundations.  A great opening barrage that sets the bar high for the rest of the album.

The album continues with ‘Break The Spell’, another great big slab of groove filled Hard Rock.  The tempo is brought down a notch or two with the wonderful melody rich rocker ‘Don’t Believe A Word’ and that same rich melodic vibe continues with the wonderful ‘One More Day’.

A big guitar lick opens the epic feeling ‘Only Human’, before those wonderful pipes of Pelata take things to a whole new level.  There is a underlying edginess to this one that makes you want to come back to this one time and time again.

This impressive second release continues with ‘Church’, the heaviest track of the album so far, as it airs toward the more Melodic Metal side of things, which isn’t a bad thing.  The switch in styles makes for a more complex album and shows the diversity of the songwriting and musicianship the pair bring to the album.

It's back to the big grooved Hard Rock with the excellent ‘Into You’.  This one has real attitude about it.  A real ballsy rocker with a modern edge, before returning back to the melodic side of things with the more traditional sounding ‘Broken Man’, then it's all change once more with the modern rocker ‘Driving Me Crazy’. 

The hard rocking comes back with a bang with the excellent ‘I’ve Been Waiting’, a massive bass line and powerful drum beat drives this one.  The big bass and hard hitting drums are joined by a big riffing guitar for 80’s fuelled ‘Sweet Sensation’.

Its back to the more Melodic Rock side of things with ‘Wasn’t Always Like This’, before the album closes with a bonus version of ‘Driving Me Crazy’.  This time Pelata duets with Robyn Kelly on this one.  This semi-acoustic version is just wonderful and wraps up what is a great and quite surprising release and one that is certainly worth checking out when it's released.  Let's hope album number two launches 7HY, with Kelly and Pelata continuing in the same vein for album number three, so the story carries on.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. I'll Survive 
2. Break The Spell 
3. Don't Believe A Word 
4. One More Day 
5. Only Human 
6. Church 
7. Into You 
8. Broken Man 
9. Driving Me Crazy 
10. I've Been Waiting 
11. Sweet Sensation
12. Wasn't Always Like This
13. Driving Me Crazy Duet (Bonus track)


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