Album Reviews
Band: Anvil

Title: Anvil is Anvil

Label: Steamhammer Records

Apart from hearing some sound bites during ‘The Story of Anvil’ movie, I have barely scratched the periphery of the bands rich discography.  Nonetheless, I was pleasantly entertained by the Canadian rockers 16th studio effort.

It may just be me, but I could not take a large majority of the lyrics seriously as they are so clichéd and laughable.  However, I did find myself nodding along to the quality of the music and the high level of musicianship.  Album opener ‘Daggers and Rum’ starts with some pretty tidy thrash like grooves but with Alestorm like lyrics, it was never going to end well. 

Similarly, ‘Up, Down, Sideways’ has some assuring hooks but is again faulted by more laughable lyrics.  Minor speed bump aside, ‘Gun Control’, ‘Runaway Train’ and ‘Die For a Lie’ get things on track showcasing heavy, meaty riffs.  Latter numbers ‘Ambushed’ and ‘Run like Hell’ are my personal highlights with catchy melodies and memorable grooves. 

Overall, ‘Anvil is Anvil’ is a more than entertaining release that will surely be a welcomed addition to the bands back catalogue. 

Review by: Rob Herald



1. Daggers And Rum 
2. Up, Down, Sideways 
3. Gun Control 
4. Die For A Lie 
5. Runaway Train 
6. Zombie Apocalypse 
7. It's Your Move
8. Ambushed 
9. Fire On The Highway 
10.  Run Like Hell 
11. Forgive Don't Forget
12. Never Going To Stop


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