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Band: Apollo

Title: Waterdevils

Label: Escape Music

'Waterdevils' is the debut solo release from former Firewind and current Spiritual Beggars frontman Apollo Papathanasio.

This is an album where Apollo takes a free reign to produce an album of his own liking, taking things in his own hands to produce a quite outstanding debut release.

The album just rocks from the off with opener ‘Revolution for the Brave’.  A ballsy no nonsense hard rocker that sees the man lay out his stall for what is to come.  Great riffing hard rock with more edge than a bucket of razor blades.

With this album Apollo has broken away from what has gone before and produced a really great album that continues with the excellent and aptly entitled ‘Liberate Yourself’, before rocking on with the gritty riff filled ‘Burned in a Flame’.

It's groove filled rock all the way with the fantastic ‘Safe and Sound’.  This one has an air of Old School hard rock about it, think Dio era Rainbow with a modern edge.  This one I’ve had on repeat for days.  If you want to blow away those Monday blues then put this one on, crank it up to ten and feel those blues being washed away with a tsunami of great rock.

The tempo is brought down just a touch with the darker moodier tones of ’Fallen Endlessly’.  The mellow tones are continued with the opening of ‘Crossing the Lines’, before the tempo is soon brought back up in spades with a massive guitar lick that explodes and carries this one right to the end.

The diverse nature of this album continues with the modern rocker ‘Power’, which would be my choice for single.  This one has commercial success written all over it.  Then it’s another of my many favourite tracks off the album, the excellent ‘Rise Up’, which is quickly followed my another of my favourites, the anthemic old school funky rocker ‘I Need Rock n' Roll’.

It's time to pick up the pace once more with ‘Chasing Shadows’, before the almost Powermetalesque tones of 'Through the Fire’, before it's time to wrap up album in style with the stunning ‘Stop’, a cover of the Phenomena track and a real classy hard edged rocker that again has the Rainbowesque feel to it.  This closes off what is a quite extraordinary debut release and one that will rank in my top albums of 2016 for sure. 

Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Revolution for the Brave
2.  Liberate Yourself
3.  Buried in a Flame
4.  Safe and Sound
5.  Fallen Endlessly
6.  Crossing the Lines
7.  Power
8.  Rise Up
9.  I Need Rock n' Roll
10. Chasing Shadows 
11. Through the Fire
12. Stop 


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