Album Reviews
Band: Burning Point

Title: The Blaze

Label: AFM Records

‘The Blaze’ is the first full Burning Point album to feature former Battle Beast vocalist Nitte Valo.  For those of you who didn’t catch Burning Points last outing, simply entitled ‘Burning Point’, that was an album which five new songs, five reworked classics and a Kiss cover.


Those unfamiliar with Valo need to check out Battle Beast’s ‘Steel’ album and the last ‘Burning Point’ album, as this lady has one of the strongest female metal vocals of all time.  The power in this voice just raised the hairs on the back of your neck.


The album boasts some of the finest slices of Burning Point metal in years.  Pete Ahonen has never been afraid to push the envelope with this band and this new chapter see's him once again bringing a old chapter of the band to a close, while at the same time opening the door on a new and exciting one.


Check out the massive opener and single ‘Master Them All’.  No fancy intros, just a massive guitar and drum assault that paves the way for those massive vocals of Valo. Other tracks of note have to be 'Dark Winged Angel', the excellent ‘Lost in Your Thoughts’ and the thunderous 'The King Is Dead, Long Live The King'.  The addition of the Lee Aaron cover 'Metal Queen' bonus track 'Metal Queen', brings this stunning release to a close.

I've enjoyed many Burning Point releases over the years and in my mind the name has come to represent top quality melodic metal / power metal.  'The  Blaze' is no exception to this and one well worth checking out if you love these genres of metal.  Definitely an album that metalheads the world over should check out.


Review by: Barry McMinn



1.  Master Them All
2.  Time Has Come
3.  Incarnation
4.  My Spirit
5.  The Lie
6.  Dark Winged Angel
7.  Chaos Rising
8.  Lost In Your Thoughts
9.  Things That Drag Me Down
10.  The King Is Dead, Long Live The King 
11. Metal Queen


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