Album Reviews
Band: Convulse

Title: Cycle Of Revenge

Label: Svart Records


Convulse have somewhat mellowed since their early ‘uncompromising’ death metal roots.  Incorporating rock ‘n’ roll elements on 1994’s ‘Reflections’ was just the beginning of a radical shift in the musical direction the band was heading. Fast-forward over 20 years and this latest release continues the bands progression into psychedelic progressive rock.  

The title track gets things going and credit to the band; it’s a hell of a way to start!!  Meaty down tuned riffs layered with infectious melodies/solos and low guttural vocals was an assuring start!  Sadly, it goes downhill after such a promising beginning.  ‘God is You’ and ‘Pangaea’ struggle to carry the album forward whilst ‘Fractured Pieces’ drags on for what feels like an eternity.  Fragments of the bands ‘death and roll’ elements are still present in ‘Nature of Mankind’ but this does little to inspire the direction the album is going.  The final three tracks head towards Pale Communion / Opeth territories and fall flat of making up for the many shortcomings that this record has.  

‘Cycle of Revenge’ is a far cry from Convulse’s early days so die hard fans hoping for a trip down memory lane, prepare for grave disappointment.

Review by: Rob Herald



1. Cycle Of Revenge 
2. God Is You 
3. Pangaea 
4. Fractured Pieces 
5. Nature Of Humankind 
6. Ever Flowing Stream 
7. War
8.  Into The Void  


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