Album Reviews
Band: Crimson Moonlight

Title: Divine Darkness

Label: Endtime Productions

Crimson Moonlight have laid dormant for the best part of 12 years releasing their last album (Veil of Remembrance) back in 2004.  Now, 12 years later the Swedish cult metallers unleash their third full-length record ‘Divine Darkness’.

The opening number ‘The Dog of Chalcedon’ wastes no time tearing through a barrage of blackened riffs played at furious speeds.  Upping the ante ‘The Suffering’ and ‘Divine Darkness’ have enough blast beats and tremolo licks to satisfy the most die-hard black metal fans.  Temporary tranquility is present in ‘Voistinu Voskrese’, which is a haze of tonal and minimalistic melodies.  The serenity is short lived with ‘Kingdom of the Wolf’ raising the bar once again with a whirlwind of searing riffs and ceaseless aggression.  Latter numbers ‘Dusk’ and the finale of ‘In Silence, In chains’ carry on the momentum to the last beat climaxing in a mist of complete chaos.

‘Divine Darkness’ is an enjoyable record that does the bands history justice.  However, as fast and aggressive as it may be, there is very little on here that breaks the typical black metal mold.  That being said, I am sure fans of Crimson Moonlight will find something special on this release.

Review by: Rob Herald



1.  The Dogma Of Chalcedon  
2.  The Suffering
3.  Divine Darkness
4.  I Am Tribulation
5.  Voistinu Voskrese
6.  Kingdom Of The Wolf
7.  Dusk
8.  In Silence, In Chains  


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