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Band: Cruzh

Title: Cruzh

Label: Frontiers Music Srl


From the ashes of Swedish Glamsters TrashQueen Anton Joensson and Dennis Butabi Borg found a shared love for melodic rock and AOR and joined forces with Tony Andersson, who previously worked as a studio musician on the never released TrashQueen record and in March 2013 when Cruzh was announced online.  The only things shown to the public were an image of the silhouette of the three band members, the debut song "In a Blink of an Eye," information that the band was Swedish, and the text "Get ready for the Cruzh" the band quickly developed a following online, with speculation regarding the bands actual member being the subject of much debate, in May came the sequel "Stay", which continued in the same melodic rock spirit.  Meanwhile, the band spread various clues on social media regarding their whereabouts.

In the autumn of that year the band was finally unmasked with the release of the Hard To Get EP, but in the Spring of 2015, with band about to release their new EP, they were approached by Frontiers Records, who made them an offer they just couldn’t refuse and the work on this their debut started in the Summer of the same year.

From the first listen it clear the band wear’s their influences on their sleeves as you can hear traces of Def Leppard, Toto, FM, Winger, Firehouse and Bryan Adams throughout the album.

Things get underway with ‘In n’ Out Of Love’ and straight away you get where these guys are coming from mixing AOR and Melodic Rock in one tight package, there is a nod to the 80’s from the off but with that modern production behind them.

The album continues with ‘First Cruzh’ again a salute to the 80’s stalwarts of Toto and Bryan Adams, and then there is ‘Aim For The Head’ which has that White Lion feel about it with Andersson sounding remarkably like Mike Tramp.

Any AOR or Melodic Rock album wouldn’t be complete without a ballad or two and this album has a wonderful one in ‘Anything For You’ this has an REO Speedwagon feel about it.

The album does a little punch about with the edgier feeling ‘Survive’ before returning to the AOR for ‘Stay’ then picking straight back up with the ‘Hard to Get’.

There is a touch of the Yes about the intro into ‘You’ before it builds into a great slice of Melodic Rock, that same vibe is continued into ‘Set Me Free’ and ‘Before I Walk Alone’.

The album closes with the epic ballad ‘Straight From My Heart’ this is seven minutes of pure heart string pulling delight that rounds off the album in style, and once again shows the labels commitment to the new breed of young bands out there.  If you thought this scene was all about the old guard, you better be prepared as the young guns are showing that this genre of music is still alive and growing stronger each year.

Review by: Barry McMinn



1. In n' Out Of Love 
2. First Cruzh 
3. Aim For The Head 
4. Anything For You 
5. Survive 
6. Stay 
7. Hard To Get
8. You 
9. Set Me Free 
10. Before I Walk Alone
11. Straight From My Heart 


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